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Custom Las Vegas Signs Like Banners and Metal Signs

Custom Las Vegas Signs Like Banners and Metal Signs are available in Southern Nevada at local sign stores like Posterhead Signs. The local Vegas signs stores have modern, state of the art sign making equipment that can make your banners, banner stands, metal signs and many other types of signs quick and inexpensively.

Modern printers are using the eco solvent inks or UV inks that can withstand fading. This is important when you live in the desert and it gets so hot. The hot summer sun literally cooks everything in the desert and is especially harsh on printed signage. But using the correct inks with a laminate helps stop the fading and makes your vinyl banner or metal sign last a long time. People don’t know this, but if your signage faces the north, it will last approximately twice as long as signage facing the west. That is because the sun sets in the west and your signage has more more exposure time to the sun.

Custom Las Vegas Signs Like Banners and Metal Signs Can Be Made In Many Sizes.

Custom made signs and banners can be any color or combination of colors. You can also have them made in different materials such as wood, aluminum, coroplast, metal, etc. The vinyl banners are printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material and come with hemming on the perimeter and grommets. The metal signs, etc. are printed on a vinyl sticker material and laminated to help protect the sign in the different weather. The sticker with laminate is then applied to the metal / wood / aluminum substrate. The metal signs come in 4ft x 8ft size and if your sign is bigger than that, the sign is then divided up and reassembled on location to make it look like one large sign.

Custom Las Vegas signs like banners and metal signs are not expensive and are made locally in Vegas at sign stores. Las Vegas has many sign stores to choose from since with all the conventions and trade shows that occur annually in Vegas, thousands of signs are made annually.