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Local Truck Lettering in Vegas

Local truck lettering can get your work truck identified properly. There are many reasons that companies need their trucks lettered and often it is because some government agency requires it. For example, the Department of Transportation requires that commercial trucks have certain lettering on their trucks such as the DOT number, Motor Carrier number, Gross Vehicle Weight, and VIN number. This required lettering needs to be a certain size and clearly visible at a certain distance in a font that is easy to read.

Local truck lettering is more commonly used for advertising purposes. If you have a commercial truck out on the road doing work, why not letter your truck or van with your company name, telephone number, what services you provide and other pertinent information. Many jobs have been gotten by having a truck lettered while parked at a commercial job or residential job. For example, a plumbing company was repairing a pipe from the water meter to the house in a older neighborhood and picked up a few other jobs because other neighbors had the same water pipe leak issues.

Local truck lettering on your truck or van can be any color and size. Since people are usually driving when they see your company truck, it is best to keep a simple design ( cost effective ) that is easy to read and understand. Some companies prefer a vehicle wrap, but often their name and company message gets lost in design and colors which is why many companies prefer simple truck lettering stickers to get their advertising message across in a cheap and cost effective approach.

Contact your local sign store for ideas and pricing for your truck lettering and take advantage of this low cost approach to getting your company name and services out in the public’s attention. You will be glad you did.