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Car Magnetic Sign Maker in Vegas by

Car Magnetic Sign Maker in Vegas

Car magnetic sign maker can make you those door magnetic advertising signs for your vehicle. Car magnetics are a cheap way to be seen at a very low cost. Best of all, the car magnetics can be removed at any time, turning your vehicle back into a personal vehicle, Car magnetics are easily removable and will not cause damage to your vehicle.

Car Magnetic Sign Maker Makes Your Vehicle Magnets Cheap !

Vehicle magnetics are made with a strong .030 magnetic material and are either printed directly onto the magnet or printed on a sticker and then laminated. After lamination ( which is designed to help protect the print and make it last longer ) the sticker is then applied to the magnet. These vehicle magnets are then placed on the vehicle, but not over any type of molding or bump to eliminate a air pocket where the magnet can come off the vehicle when traveling. Car magnetic sign maker like Yelp 5 star Posterhead Signs will make the vehicle or truck magnetics to your specific size, but will caution you that the larger the vehicle magnet, the heavier it is and the chance of it coming off is greater. That is why it is recommended that the 12″ x 18″ size if the vehicle magnet size of choice. This size fits most cars very well and is large enough to advertise your business on. After all, the people traveling next to you in another car have only so much time to look at and decipher your advertising message.

Your car magnetic sign maker can make your vehicle magnets in any color and print logos and pictures on them as well. Vehicle magnets are full color.

Your local sign store in Vegas can help you design ans make your vehicle magnets at a cost of around $35.00 for two ( set ).

Las Vegas Business Sign Maker by

Las Vegas Business Sign Maker

Las Vegas business sign maker can make those business signs that will get your company more business. After Covid, many companies experienced a downturn in business. If this is the case, make new business signs to let your customers know you survived and want their business. With all the new people moving into Southern Nevada, you also need to let them know you are open for business.

Las Vegas Business Sign Maker Makes All Types Of Signs

There are many types of signs that a business can have made to increase exposure and profitability. On the low end, you have the very successful vinyl banner that can be made very inexpensively and can be hung on buildings and fences. In fact, many businesses located near the major streets and freeways will use very large banners to catch the attention of the thousands of vehicles that pass by everyday. This is important, especially when Las Vegas is adding thousands of new residents every year from adjoining states. Window signs are also low cost but yet a very effective form of advertisement. Large fast food companies and furniture stores are spectacular at using window advertisement to promote their products very effectively.

Additionally, electric signs, pole signs and monument signs are a more expensive way to notify customers you are in business. Metal signs are a medium cost sign that can be bolted to buildings and fences to attract attention as well. These long lasting metal signs are made to withstand the different seasons that Las Vegas offers. The aluminum signs will not rust.

Las Vegas business sign maker can be found at one of your local sign stores. Because of the conventions and casinos, most sign companies have modern, state of the art sign making equipment to make your company that special sign to stand out.

Las Vegas Next Day DOT Number Signs by

Las Vegas Next Day DOT Number Signs

Las Vegas next day number signs can get your Department of Transportation ( DOT ) numbers in a hurry. There are times when the trucks need to roll and same day DOT numbers or next day DOT number signs are needed. Without the numbers, you are likely to be pulled over and cited for non compliance. A truck not moving freight is a truck not making money.

What size DOT numbers are needed ?

The Department of Transportation wants the DOT numbers to be readable at 50 feet away. This equates to a 2″ tall letter. Furthermore, the letters need to be in a font that is easily readable. Many times a trucker will want to do specialized text font and find themselves in non compliance with the Dept. of Transportation and have themselves cited. Arial or Helvetica font seems to be the wise choice for the font. The color of the DOT numbers also is important and should be in contrast to the color of the truck. For example, if you have a white truck, do not use white letters because at 50feet away you cannot read the lettering. You may be cited for non compliance. If you have a truck with a dark color, use light colored lettering that is easily readable and vice versa for light colored trucks. Las Vegas next day DOT number signs can be made with white lettering or dark lettering to match your needs. The lettering can also be printed on one sticker and then applied to your truck as well.

DOT numbers are easy to apply for the self installers

Las Vegas next day DOT numbers can be self installed to save money. There are many videos on the internet that will show how to install the letters. if you are not sure if you can install them yourself, a sign professional can install them for you. Normally, the truck lettering is placed on the fire extinguisher doors on the cab of the truck or on the front doors.

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Quality Vegas Signs That Are Affordable

Quality Vegas signs can get you that banner, metal sign, aluminum sign, coroplast sign and just about any type of sign at an affordable price. These signs are made in Las Vegas and can also be installed by a sign professional. Best of all, you can get your quality Vegas signs at a wholesale price and not have to pay retail. Who doesn’t want to save money in these hard economic times.

Quality Vegas Signs Come Many Different Ways

Quality made signs are made locally at one of the several sign stores. These sign stores have modern sign making equipment and fast sign printing machines that can print faster at a much higher quality than just a few years ago. One such sign store, Posterhead Signs, has the new Mimaki eco-solvent printers that are environmentally friendly with a printing speed of a couple of hundred square feet of banner per hour. These vinyl banners are printed on directly with the long lasting inks and pictures and logos can be printed on them as well. The inks are specially designed to withstand the long, hot summers that Las Vegas has and protect the vinyl banners against fading. These advertising banners are then hung from a building or fence to promote your business. Since Las Vegas is growing rapidly, many businesses use inexpensive banners to help market their products. As new residents drive by, they take notice of the vinyl banners and become aware of your business.

Quality Vegas signs also come printed on plastic ( for outdoor use ) and metal substrates for long lasting signage. The trick is to use the right printing ink that can withstand the different seasons that Las Vegas offers.

Your local Las Vegas sign store will be able to assist you in the design and manufacture of your quality Vegas signs. They do not need to be expensive to reflect quality so do not appear shocked at some of the low prices on signage that can be offered with state of the art printing equipment.

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Cheapest Las Vegas Signs Promote Business.

Cheapest Las Vegas Signs can get your business a cheap, yet quality made sign at a great price. Why pay retail when you can purchase your business signs wholesale.

Types of Cheapest Las Vegas Signs

There are many different types of signs that can be purchased for your business, trade show or convention. One of the more durable and inexpensive types of signage is the vinyl banner. These banners can be full color and have pictures and logos printed on them at no extra cost. Many companies exhibiting at conventions and trade shows use vinyl banners as backdrops and hang these banners at the back of their booths that face customers. They will print their products or services on the banner along with their company name and logo to help promote the company. These vinyl advertising banner signs are very inexpensive and can be used again and again. Local Las Vegas businesses like advertising banner signs because they are cheap and can be observed by the thousands of people that pass their store everyday. Las Vegas is booming in population and people ( potential customers ) need to know where to go for products and services. These banners can be hung on your building or on a fence to attract attention of passing vehicles.

Outdoor signs can also be made very inexpensively for local stores and businesses. They can be applied to aluminum ( to prevent rust and weathering ) and then attached to a building or fence to promote your store. Construction companies and realtors use these large signs all the time on big construction projects to gather attention.

Cheapest Las Vegas signs will give you the opportunity to purchase signage at a discount to help promote your business enterprise. Sign companies like Posterhead Signs can make them affordable and fast to make your business grow in size and profitability.

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Marijuana Banner Signs in Vegas

Marijuana banner signs in Vegas is getting to be big business. Numerous weed dispensaries are popping up all over Las Vegas and all over in the state of Nevada. Marijuana is big business and is being fueled by websites like Sites like these are describing marijuana dispensaries close by and helping the marijuana business grow.

Marijuana Banner Signs in Vegas Include Many Types of Signs

Marijuana stores order lots of vinyl advertising banners to post on their building to get the attention of vehicles passing by. Since these marijuana stores are well funded, they tend to rent locations on busy streets to make them very accessible to the people. While attracting many people simply because they sell marijuana, placing adverting vinyl banners listing certain types of weed and the prices attracts even more customers. The marijuana stores will order many different types of banners so that they can continually rotate their banners so that it always looks like they have new product in stock. The vinyl advertising banners are cheap in price and can last a long time in the different weather patterns of Southern Nevada. The banners are printed with inks like eco solvent inks that are designed for outdoor use that can withstand direct sunlight. These banners can also be used indoors as they are printed with environmentally friendly inks. In addition to vinyl banners, marijuana stores will use their windows to help advertise who and what they are. Plotted vinyl lettering or window vision signs ( where you can see out but the people on the outside cannot see in – they only see what is printed on the window film ).

Marijuana banner signs in Vegas can be purchased and designed by your local sign stores like Posterhead Signs. Las Vegas sign stores have modern sign making equipment that can make your signs and banners fast and inexpensively.

Custom Signs at Cheap Price in Vegas by

Vegas Outdoor Signs

Vegas outdoor signs will get your business noticed by people passing by. If you can imagine that every person that passes your business is a possible customer, you will have a sign clearly letting people know your company name and what you sell or service. With Americans on the move and relocating to Las Vegas by the thousands, having Vegas outdoor signs is a must.

Types of Outdoor Signs

There are many Vegas outdoor signs to choose from. These signs can be electric, portable, temporary or metal just to name a few types. Many local Vegas businesses will use vinyl banners as a way to advertise to their customers who and what they are. Vinyl banners are very cheap in price and can last for a long time. In addition, vinyl banners can be rotated so that if they are used for advertisement, they will always look fresh to the customer. Pizza restaurants will use banners to advertise large pizza specials, chicken wings, past, etc on a bi monthly basis to attract customers. Car dealerships will advertise a special car to sell on a vinyl banner and then simply throw away the banner after the car sales.

Aluminum signs are another type of Vegas outdoor sign that is used a lot in Las Vegas. These aluminum signs are weatherproof and can be placed on a building or fence to advertise. Window signs are used on a store’s windows to attract attention of people passing by. Rarely does a business take advantage of the window space for advertisement, yet the big players like McDonalds or Taco Bell will just about use every window to let you know about their food products.

Vegas Outdoor signs can be purchased at local sign stores like Posterhead Signs, at very reasonable prices.

Construction Same Day Dust Permit Signs by

Construction Same Day Dust Permit Signs

Construction same day dust permit signs can help you get your dust sign fast. The Air Quality Board in Clark County requires dust permits on certain construction projects. Clark County Air Quality Board requires a 4ft x 4ft dust permit sign for any project under 10 acres and a 4ft x 8ft dust permit sign for any construction project 10 acres or more.

Dust Permit Signs need certain language.

The Air Quality Board requires certain text to be on your dust permit sign. In addition, the text needs to be a certain size as well and contain information that helps people understand who is doing the work at the construction site, how to contact the company and more importantly, how to contact the Air Quality Board if too much dust is being raised. Construction projects are a major source of air pollution and the good people at the dust permit center try to limit the amount of dirty air that we breathe.

Cost of construction same day dust permit signs.

The normal cost of a 4ft x 4ft dust control sign is $99. This sign is printed on vinyl, given a lamination to help protect it and then installed on an aluminum dibond panel ( double sided aluminum panel with a filler in the middle for strength ). Aluminum is used to prevent rust. The cost of a 4ft x 8ft dust control sign is $175.00 with the same sign making process. Placing the signs on a all weather wood is slightly more and depending on the work load in the sign shop, an additional small fee might be required for same day service.

Contact your local Las Vegas sign store if you should find yourself in need of a construction same day dust permit sign. They will need the pdf the Air Quality Board sent you with all the pertinent information.

Las Vegas Next Day DOT Number Signs by

Same Day DOT Stickers in Las Vegas

Same day DOT stickers in Las Vegas are available at sign shops like Posterhead Signs. The Department of Transportation requires certain vehicle lettering on trucks / cars that are used for transportation purposes.

Same Day Truck Department of Transportation Stickers.

The Department of Transportation requires that your DOT lettering be readable at 50 feet away. This equates to 2″ lettering that can be done in any color, so long as it is readable. You should not have black lettering on a black truck as it would be difficult to read and distinguish the lettering apart from the truck. Most people that need same day DOT stickers will use contrasting colors to make them readable. For example, if your truck is black, they will use white lettering. Also, the text of the lettering needs to be readable. So using some thin font or script font will not pass the mustard and you will most likely find yourself in trouble at a truck stop.

Most trucks will use lettering for their company name, MC#, DOT #, GVW number ( Gross Vehicle Weight ), etc. The lettering will be 2″ tall and maybe slightly larger for the company name so that you can easily distinguish it from the other lettering. The Department of Transportation lettering can be made with plotted vinyl ( individual letters ) or printed on a sticker and then applied to the truck. Normally on big rigs, the DOT lettering is placed on the front doors or on the fire extinguisher door. The normal lettering takes up about 15″ tall x 20″ wide.

Same Day DOT stickers can be self installed or installed by a sign professional. Many truckers prefer to do it themselves to save money as it is not hard to do. There are many You Tube videos for instructions on how to install DOT numbers.

Custom Signs at Cheap Price in Vegas by

Convention Las Vegas Signs

Convention Las Vegas signs are in demand now that the Covid scare is over. While the Covid restrictions stopped all conventions and trade shows, the lifting of those restrictions has allowed for events to occur in Las Vegas. Las Vegas is opening back up and people want to have their conventions and trade shows here and are in need of convention Las Vegas signs to help promote their goods and services.

Convention Las Vegas signs include many types of Signage

Banner stands, banners, foam board signs, posters are just a few examples of the different types of signs that are used at conventions and trade shows. Banner stands offer portability and the ability to be placed anywhere within your display booth. The most popular size retractable banner stand is the 33″ x 79″ stand with carrying case. However, upright banner stands come in many different sizes ( width and height ). Vinyl banners are great for visuals and can be placed at the back of display booths so that people can see your products and services visually. Many companies will print their products on the banner so that they can be seen by the customers visiting their booth. Vinyl banners also act as booth locator by hanging them high in the air so the people can see your booth from anywhere in the convention venues. These vinyl banners can come in any color or size and have logos and products printed on them. Fabric banners for backdrops can also be made at very reasonable pricing. Posters and foam boards are also popular at conventions because they are portable, cheap and can simply be tossed away at the end of an event.

Contact your local Las Vegas sign shop for your convention Las Vegas signs and get them fast and cheap so that your event will be a success.