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Wood Sign

Large Custom Wood Signs in Vegas

Large custom wood signs can be made  right here in Las Vegas in the popular 4ft x 4ft and 4ft x 8ft sizes at inexpensive prices. These wood signs are great for contractors, real estate professionals and businesses who want a long lasting sign at a cheap price. The 4ft x 8ft 1/2″ thick wood sign costs around $225.00 and about $125.00 for the smaller 4ft x 4ft wood sign. These wooden signs are made with MDO wood and are long lasting, which is especially important in the hot climate that Southern Nevada offers.

Large custom wood signs are full color signs as you can have as many colors printed on them as you like. In addition, pictures, logos and backgrounds can be printed on them as well. The print is then laminated to help protect it against the hot summer sun and then applied to the MDO wood substrate. The 1/2″ thick wood is the most common used substrate, but the signs can also be made with 3/4 or 1″ thick wood as well. The heavy wood sign gives it an advantage over the large metal signs because of the high winds in Las Vegas that seem to come a handful of times per year. The metal signs need to be reinforced to be able to withstand the wind and other elements that Southern Nevada offers.

Las Vegas area realtor use these heavy large custom wood signs for vacant land and commercial properties they are selling or leasing out. Many realtors will use a generic type of sign and then simply reuse the signs at different properties because they last so long.

Large custom wood signs can be made by local sign stores in the area at very reasonable pricing. The signs only take a few days to make and the sign store can help you with your design if needed.

Truck Stickers

Local Truck Lettering in Vegas

Local truck lettering can get your work truck identified properly. There are many reasons that companies need their trucks lettered and often it is because some government agency requires it. For example, the Department of Transportation requires that commercial trucks have certain lettering on their trucks such as the DOT number, Motor Carrier number, Gross Vehicle Weight, and VIN number. This required lettering needs to be a certain size and clearly visible at a certain distance in a font that is easy to read.

Local truck lettering is more commonly used for advertising purposes. If you have a commercial truck out on the road doing work, why not letter your truck or van with your company name, telephone number, what services you provide and other pertinent information. Many jobs have been gotten by having a truck lettered while parked at a commercial job or residential job. For example, a plumbing company was repairing a pipe from the water meter to the house in a older neighborhood and picked up a few other jobs because other neighbors had the same water pipe leak issues.

Local truck lettering on your truck or van can be any color and size. Since people are usually driving when they see your company truck, it is best to keep a simple design ( cost effective ) that is easy to read and understand. Some companies prefer a vehicle wrap, but often their name and company message gets lost in design and colors which is why many companies prefer simple truck lettering stickers to get their advertising message across in a cheap and cost effective approach.

Contact your local sign store for ideas and pricing for your truck lettering and take advantage of this low cost approach to getting your company name and services out in the public’s attention. You will be glad you did.


Store Signs

Store Window Advertising Signs in Las Vegas

Store window advertising signs are a cheap and effective way to market to your customers and gain customers as they pass by your store and take notice of your store window advertising signs. Most cities and local governments allow window advertising without a special permit and it is a very cost effective way to get your marketing message across to customers.

Store window advertising signs can be painted on the windows, printed on a vinyl application and then applied to the window or plotted out in vinyl and then applied to a window. Usually around the holidays, businesses might paint their windows a cheerful color and have Santa Claus on their advertising there goods and services. Year round, many businesses prefer to use window perforation, a printed application vinyl that attaches to the outside of the window that allows for people on the outside to see only what you have printed on the vinyl. Places like McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants use this type of advertising because it is cheap and allows for maximum exposure of marketing to entice people to purchase their products. The advantage of window perforation is that it allows people on the inside to see outside as if there was nothing on the window at all. In Las Vegas, where the summer gets really hot, the window perforation also acts as a window tint and keeps your business cooler. Many other businesses prefer to use plotted vinyl on their windows to advertise and help distinguish their business.

Store window advertising signs work and are a low cost solution to help market your business. Large businesses such as the fast food industry enjoy the privilege of using this type of advertising and they are experts in marketing their hamburger and hot dogs to the public. Call you local sign store for more information about using your windows as advertising.




Backdrop Banners

Big Fabric Backdrop Banners in Vegas

Big fabric backdrop banners are being used extensively at the trade shows and conventions because they are easy to set up and inexpensive. These fabric banners are hung in the back of the booth and display well for backdrops. The big fabric backdrop banners are hung with with an adjustable stand or pipe. They are wrinkle free and give off a very professional impression when hung correctly.

Big fabric backdrop banners come in many different sizes with the two most popular sizes being the 8ft tall x 8ft wide and the 8ft tall by 10 feet wide. The fabric banners are printed on a fabric polyester material in any color of your choosing along with pictures of logos, people, products and just about anything else. The polyester material makes the fabric banner wrinkle free and the banners are long lasting as they can be used many times. Simple care allows for many uses and the polyester banner material can be washed to make it clean and fresh looking. The fabric banners need to be neatly folded in order to protect them.

The cost of big fabric backdrop banners is about $3.00 a square foot versus the vinyl banner price of $2.00 a square foot. It takes about 3-4 days for the printing of fabric banners and the end user needs to plan accordingly.  These fabric banners are very popular at the trade shows and conventions in Las Vegas and can be made in custom sizes as well to accommodate the end user.

Big fabric backdrop banners need to be ordered 3-4 days in advance at Las Vegas sign stores so that they will be ready for your presentation or show. Contact a local Vegas sign store today and see what other specials they offer on signage as well and make it a one stop shopping experience for your event.







Banner Stand Signs

Quality Vertical Banner Stands in Vegas

Quality vertical banners stands in Vegas can get you that retractable banner stand needed for your presentation or trade show inexpensively and with great quality.  Banner stands are a very popular marketing display tool at a convention or trade show because they are portable, easy to set up and are inexpensive in price. Best of all, the quality vertical banner stands can be used over and over again at different events.

The most popular quality vertical banner stands are the 33″ x 78″ banner stand that comes with the adjustable pole for height adjustment. This is important, because you do not need to have a bleed at the bottom of your print to make sure that the design covers the entire display. The adjustable height pole allows for the design to be vertically adjusted to the size you want. In addition, these 33″ x 78″ vertical banner stands come with a carrying case and are printed with eco solvent inks that bring to life your design.

Quality vertical banner stands can be made quickly in cases where they need to be replaced in a hurry. Many times at conventions and trade shows in Las Vegas, companies signs will show up damaged or not at all. In cases like these, local sign stores do their best to make sure that replacement signs are made in time for the show to go on as scheduled. Quality vertical banner stands can be made the same day in cases of emergency or in just in a day or two if ordered normally. The hardest part is getting the design to the printer so that it can be reprinted perfectly to what you had previous to the damage.

Your local sign store in Vegas can help you in getting these wonderful display signs made at a inexpensive price with top quality in mind.




Window Signs

Affordable Window Lettering Signs For Vegas Business.

Affordable window lettering signs are a must for any Las Vegas business to get noticed. Even the simplest signs such as your name on the door help identify your business to customers and distinguish yourself from the competition.

Most businesses will put at least the following information on their glass front door or an adjacent window to help their customers:

1. Business Name

2. Hours of Operation

3. Telephone Number

4. Email Address

5. Website Address

6. Products or services they supply.

This information lets people know who they are, how to contact them, what hours they are open and what services or products they supply.

Affordable window lettering signs are not expensive and plotting out the above information on white vinyl that applies to the door glass is about $30.00 and can be installed by yourself. If help is needed, your sign store can supply an installer or guide you to internet videos on ” how to ” to assist you in installing the graphics yourself. The hardest part is making sure that the lettering is level and not crooked.

Affordable window lettering signs also involve window perforation, a printed material that is applied to the outside of the window that allows you to advertise , but allows the people on the inside of the business to see outside while the people on the outside only see the advertising printed. Many fast food restaurants like McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr, etc use this type of window advertising to take advantage of every inch of advertising space to sell more products.

Affordable window lettering signs can also be simple vinyl lettering to let people know what specials are being offered at your business. For example, a pizza place may advertise in vinyl lettering a pizza special and price on a window to try to attract people driving by to purchase their pizza. This type of vinyl lettering is very cost effective and will last a long time n windows and can be easily replaced.



Big Convention Banners

Affordable Large Vinyl Banner Signs in Vegas

Affordable large vinyl banner signs are gaining in popularity in Las Vegas because they are a low cost approach to advertising that has been proven to be very effective. Large vinyl banner signs, once paid for, cost nothing to hang and display so that they can be seen by thousands of people over the next year or so. Affordable large vinyl banner signs are $2.00 a square foot, which makes them a very low cost marketing tool.

Las Vegas businesses located near major streets or highways are placing these affordable large vinyl banner signs on their buildings so that they can be observed by the thousands of vehicles that drive by their location every day.  The population of Las Vegas has risen dramatically in the last few years by all the Californians moving here and these large banners attract their attention and get noticed. Companies are placing these large signs on their buildings so that people driving by on the street or driving down the highway ( freeway) get to see their signs. Since the large banners are sometimes 8ft tall by 20 feet wide, they are easy to see and act as sort of a billboard, but without the monthly rental fees. The big vinyl banners are long lasting, so once the banners are in place, they can be left alone for several months. In some cases, businesses will rotate their large banners so that the public gets to see a new special or new marketing message so that the message does not get stale. At $2.00 a square foot, a large 8ft x 20ft banner will cost around $320.00 and makes for a great way to communicate with customers.

Affordable  large vinyl banners can be purchased at local Las Vegas sign shops like Posterhead Signs at great pricing. Take advantage of this low cost marketing approach.



Flyer Printing

Local Flyer Printer in Las Vegas

Your local flyer printer can get you those inexpensive flyers at a great price. Large bulk orders of 5,000 or more dramatically drop the price versus 1,000 or 500.

Your local flyer printer can have those flyers printed on one side or they can be printed double sided. Usually, the party flyers or business flyers are printed on both sides and have a special coating added to make the flyers look very professional.

The half page or 5.5″ x 8.5″ flyer is the most popular flyer size. Many local businesses will use this size because of its cost effectiveness  ( 5,000 half page flyers printed on both sides with a AQ coating are $150.00 or less ).  Many local eateries will print their menu on one side of the flyer and then print a coupon and instructions on how to contact them on the opposite side. A small map helps pinpoint their location to make it easy for people to find. The flyers will then be distributed to all the residences within a mile radius ( the core demographic customer of a neighborhood restaurant will live within a mile radius ) every few weeks to make certain that everybody knows who and where the restaurant is located. Extra flyers will be stapled to take out orders so that customers always have a menu in front of them. By changing out the food special, you will keep customers interested in your restaurant and gain a lot of business. Your local flyer printer can also print many other menu sizes to match your needs and budget.Your local printer can help you with the print design if you should need it and let you know in exactly what format the flyers need to be. Usually, 300 dpi, cmyk colors and  spacing is needed so that the print design does not go to the edge of the flyer where it can accidentally be cut off.





Best Quality Signs

Local Vegas Sign Store For Banners and Signs

Local Vegas sign store is a good term to search when you are looking for banners, banner stands, signs and other types of signage. There is an old saying that a business without a sign, is a sign of no business ! There is truth in this saying because in today’s world, you must be able to reach your clients in order to have your business succeed.

Your local Vegas sign store can make you those needed marketing tools like vinyl banners, car magnetic signs, aluminum signs, door graphics, etc. to promote your business. Small businesses have learned during the covid 19 scare that vinyl banners are a quick and inexpensive way to let people know that you are open for business and ready to serve them. Most restaurants quickly turned to vinyl banners to let customers know that they were open for take out and curbside delivery . At about $2.00 a square foot, this form of adverting signage is cheap and effective. In fact,  your local Vegas sign store usually offers vinyl banner specials. Currently, one of the banner sign specials that is being offered is the 3ft x 8ft full color banner for $39.00 at sign stores like  Businesses that are located near major streets off highways are using very large banners like 8ft tall x 20ft wide to place on their buildings to act as sort of a billboard to advertise to people driving by. The large size of the vinyl banners make it easy for the people to read when they are driving by. Once the banner is purchased, there are no monthly rental fees. This form of advertising has really helped Las Vegas area businesses get noticed.

Your local Vegas sign store can assist you in getting the proper signage for your business to make it easier for you in these hard economic covid 19 times.





Dust 4ft x 8ft Signs, Dust Permit Signs

Cheap Custom 4ft x 4ft Real Estate Signs in Vegas

Cheap custom 4ft x 4ft real estate signs can be specifically made for your real estate signage needs at a low price. After all, why pay retail when you can get the same signs made inexpensively and at a wholesale cost.  There is a tendency at businesses in Vegas to get as much as you can from a customer and move on. At Posterhead Signs, we want your business and also your future business. Making large real estate signs is just one of the facets of our business.

Cheap custom 4ft x 4ft real estate signs are printed on a vinyl material and then laminated to help protect the print against the weather conditions of Las Vegas. In addition, it helps protect the print against scuffs and minor damage.  The print, after lamination, is then applied to a dibond type aluminum panel ( outer aluminum panels with a filler in the middle for strength ) or a wood panel, usually a 1/2″ thick substrate. The cost of a aluminum 4ft x 4ft realtor sign is $99 and the cost for the wood 1/2″ thick sign is $125.00. The signs are full color, meaning you can have as many colors printed on the sign as you want along with pictures, logos and background scenes to help market your property. Cheap custom 4ft x 4ft real estate signs are made and printed according to your wishes. The signs themselves take only a couple of days to make once the artwork is approved. Coordination with an installer can easily be arranged to make your real estate signage install as easiest as possible.

Your local sign shop will be able to answer further questions on your real estate signage needs to make your experience a positive one. After all, the goal is to market the property and your focus should be on that aspect.