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Heavy Duty Realtor Signs in Vegas

Heavy duty realtor signs are being used for commercial and vacant land sales in Las VegasHeavy duty realtor signs are needed where the signs are exposed to the harsh weather conditions that Las Vegas offers. During the winter months, it gets quite cold and windy in Las Vegas and that strong wind will knock down inferior signage if it is not heavy duty and secured. After window storms in Las Vegas, many signs are destroyed to the delight of sign companies in the area because they will all need to be replaced. It is the heavy duty signs that last and require no further attention.

Heavy duty realtor signs are full color signs that can have logos, pictures and background scenery printed on them. You are unlimited in your color choice but most realtors do not try to make a sign pretty, but functional. Realtors want their signs to get noticed and very easy to read because most of the time, people have limited amount of time to note the important information off their signs like their name, telephone number or other contact information.  The signs are printed on a large vinyl sticker and then placed on a 1/2″  MDO board . The print is laminated in order to help protect it against fading and weather conditions. Large 4″ x 4″ posts hold up these signs and these signs can come in many different sizes. The two most popular sizes are the 4ft x 4ft sign and the 4ft x 8ft sign which can hold and display a lot of information such as information on the property, realtor license number, contact information, brokers identification, etc.

Heavy duty realtor signs can be made locally in Vegas  in just a few days. Contact your local sign company for more information on the heavy duty outdoor realtor signs.