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Flyer Printing

Cheap Full Color Flyer Printing Store in Vegas

Cheap full color flyer printing store can make you those inexpensive full color one sided or two sided flyers you need to market your business. The flyers are printed professionally on 80lb or 100lb paper in gloss or matte and can have a AQ coating on them to help protect the print surface for that professional look.

Many local businesses and stores use flyers as a way to successfully advertise to their clients at a low cost. For example, the local pizza restaurant will make a double sided half page flyer and include it with the take out order in order for you to have their flyer  at your residence for future orders. In addition, the pizza restaurant will pass out these flyers to everyone within a mile radius of their restaurant once every two weeks to try to entice you to make a order from their restaurant. ( the mile radius allows for marketing to their core customer base since most customers live within a mile ) Your cheap full color flyer printing store can print up these flyers to include pictures of your food items as well as logos and other artwork. If you need help or assistance in designing the flyer, the print store can help you or recommend a graphic designer at a low cost to design it for you. Since the prices of ingredients constantly change and price fluctuate, it is recommended that you keep a editable copy of the flyer for your own use. This way you can change prices and have more copies of the flyer made at your convenience.

Your local cheap full color flyer printing store can help you print your flyers in many different sizes. These flyers are full color, which means you can have as many colors as you want without having to pay additional charges or set up fees.



Acrylic Business Signs

Acrylic Wall Artwork Signs in Vegas

Acrylic wall artwork signs are growing in popularity in Las Vegas like never before. These modern, sleek looking signs stand away from the wall with spacers to give a 3D dimensional look to your artwork. You see them everywhere, dental offices, doctor offices, attorney offices, and many other professional businesses. Businesses are also using these acrylic signs for their logos and marketing needs.

Acrylic wall artwork comes in different sizes to match your needs. The most popular sizes are the 16″ x 24″, 20″ x 30″ and the 24″ x 36″ sizes. Vivid and bright gloss vinyl prints are face mounted on a 1/4″ thick acrylic / plexiglass sheet and then backed with a white vinyl to make your colors on your design really stand out. Four holes are placed in the corners and one inch spacers are included in the price to make your wall art really stand out and give it a 3D dimensional look. The finished product can be used indoors or outdoors, are waterproof and uv safe.

Many businesses are using these sleek impressive signs for signage for their business to advertise prices. For example, a local nail salon in Vegas is using a 24″ x 36″ acrylic sign to list all their prices for the services they charge. The sign is very elegant and people seem happy to have such a sign showing off prices. Businesses will also place these acrylic wall artwork signs behind receptionist desks with impressive results using the one inch spacers that set it apart from the wall for sort of a 3D type look.

Acrylic wall artwork signs can be purchased from your local sign companies here in Las Vegas Nevada. If you should find yourself in need of assistance, your sign company can assist you in designing or recommend a competent and inexpensive graphic designer to make your wall art sign.




Flyer Printing

Disposable Restaurant Menus in Vegas

Disposable restaurant menus are becoming the new norm in this coronavirus era. Restaurants that want to practice safe hygiene are disposing their menus after their customers have ordered rather than having to wipe down each menu after it has been handled with disinfectant. Restaurant owners have learned that disposable restaurant menus are cheap and cost pennies and in the grand scheme of things, cheaper in the long run to use them.

Disposable restaurant menus can be printed on paper or a card stock ( much like a postcard thickness ) and then laminated to give them a clean, professional look. Currently, you can purchase 5,000 half page menus ( double sided and in full color which includes pictures of the food ) for around $160.00 or 5,000 full page double sided flyers 8.5″ x 11″ for around $300.00   These flyers are printed on a 80 or 100lb paper ( which makes them great disposable menus  ) and then coated with a AQ or UV coat to give them a shiny appearance that makes them look very professional. If you want to put your menu on a thicker material like 14pt postcard, you can purchase 5,000 1/2 sheet 5.5″ x 8.5″ 14pt double sided menus for around $300.00. These 14pt menus have a cardboard type thickness to give them a heavy feel.

Disposable restaurant menus can also be printed on a 100lb paper with a tri fold or half fold for a more elegant look that will impress your customers. These brochure type menus can be printed on 8.5″ tall paper stock or 11″ tall paper stock and come in many different widths.

These are ever changing times and restaurants need to adapt to the disposable menus for their employees safety and the safety of the consumer. Its going to be challenging times for the restaurant industry and successful companies will need to find themselves with social health practices for survival. Be safe !


Flyer Printing

Discount Flyer Printer Near Me in Vegas

Discount Flyer printer near me will help you find low cost flyers, menus, brochures and postcards are great pricing. Many businesses use these inexpensive flyers as a way to communicate with their customer base and let them know about great deals they are offering. For example, a catering company in Florida, ordered half page flyers to help spread the word around town that they do catering. Through the distribution of flyers, they were able to obtain several catering gigs and get referral business of those gigs. ( Sc Grill makes excellent food ! )

An investment of around $150.00 will get you printed 5,000 half page -double sided flyers in full color. You can hand these flyers out to your customers when they leave your location, distribute them to the neighborhood to let your neighbors know who and what services you provide or simply place them in the sales bag that your customers leave with. In fact, many promoters in Las Vegas will use flyers as a way to promote night clubs or events by passing them out along the Las Vegas strip corridor. These companies will  use attractive women to hand out these flyers and chat up tourists from all over the world to try to get them to go to the event they are promoting on the flyer. The girls are motivated becasue for every flyer that gets turned in by a customer, they get a bonus in pay.

Discount flyer printer near me can get you many different sizes of flyers that match your advertising needs. The most popular sized flyers are the quarter page flyers, half page flyers and full page flyers. All these flyers are printed on a 80lb or 100lb paper and have a coating on them to make them look very professional and top quality. Discount flyer printer near me can help your business get noticed and make you more money.


Best Quality Signs

Coronavirus Banner Signs and Closed Signs

Need a banner or sign for your store or business about the coronavirus ?  Coronavirus banner signs and closed signs are in high demand at Posterhead Signs because of the virus. This coronavirus is a terrible sickness that has cused deaths and has caused economic damage globally and locally here in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas strip casinos are getting ready to close their doors in hopes of assisting in the process of slowing the virus. Coronavirus banner signs and closed signs are needed to help inform customers of the status of their businesses. These signs and vinyl banners can be placed at the business location informing people of what hours you are going to be open and other pertinent information.

Coronavirus banner signs and closed signs can be made with many different materials and sizes.  For example, if your store or business is far away from the street and you wish to get the attention of passing vehicles, you will need a large sign so that it can be seen easily and quickly be able to relay information as people are motoring by. Smaller signs applied to your front door area work well if your customers are close to your building. These signs do not have to be made with expensive materials as they are only temporary signs designed to last a month or so until the virus has subsided and is no longer an issue.

Coronavirus banner signs and closed signs are easy to install and remove. Hopefully, these signs and banners will be removed quickly as the disease resides and business can get back to normal.

Coronavirus banner signs and closed signs can be purchased and designs at your local sign company like Posterhead Signs in Las Vegas. Contact them today to get your signs and banners needed to help your customers know about your business status.




Banner Stand Signs

Las Vegas Retractable Banner Stand Signs

Las Vegas retractable banner stand signs are great graphic displays that are user friendly and are self standing. These retractable banner stand signs can be placed anywhere in your display booth or at your meeting location. They are portable, easy to set up and take down and can be used repetitively at different events and shows. While you may think of a banner stand as being small, the popular 33″ wide by 78″ tall model has actually has about 18 square feet of printable space for you to get your message across to your clients.

Las Vegas retractable banner stand signs are very popular at trade shows and conventions in Las Vegas. There are hundreds of events and shows at the various convention venues in Las Vegas and many more in the meeting rooms / conference rooms at all the major hotels and casinos along the famous Las Vegas Strip. Millions of people come from all over the world to attend these events and the biggest names in the corporate world display the newest and most technologically advanced products and services. These banner stands are being used extensively at these events because they are very portable and can be set up anywhere since they are self standing. The banner stands come in many different sizes and in deluxe stands as well if you are looking for a very exquisite and classy look. All the Las Vegas retractable banner stand signs come with a carrying case and an adjustable pole that allows for height adjustment of the graphic display so that you get the perfect look. Set up time for many stand signs is minimal and they can be disassembled and used over at many different events.

Banner stand signs can be made the same day in cases of emergency but usually just take a day or so to print and make.




Truck Stickers

Vinyl Banner Printing Near Me

Vinyl banner printing near me is a great search term when trying to find a banner sign printer close to you. After all, why drive all over Clark County trying to find a banner sign printer when you can simply Google vinyl banner printing near me and your search results will find the closest sign shop near you. Google probably cannot determine who is the cheapest vinyl banner printer in Las Vegas so you will probably need to call around and get the best pricing.

Many people and stores are turning to vinyl banner printing as a way to advertise to customers. The traffic on the streets of Las Vegas has increased dramatically over the years and placing a vinyl advertising banner on your store will be seen by thousands of people weekly who drive by. This low cost approach is like taking out a newspaper ad or sending mail to your local neighborhood. Many stores will print several banners and simply rotate the banners every two weeks so that the marketing message is constantly changing and people get to see new adverting specials. The vinyl banners are inexpensive and can be rolled up and used over and over again. One local restaurant uses the weekly banner change out to advertise one food special a week in order to draw more business and does it with great success !

Vinyl banners are not expensive and considered a cheap way to advertise. The cost of a full color banner ( meaning you can have as many colors on the banner as you want ) with printed logos and pictures is around $3.00 a square foot. The advertising sign banner will come with a reinforced perimeter hemming for added strength and grommets every two feet or so in order to make it easy to install or  hang.



Flyer Printing

Fast Food Menu Flyer Printing

Fast food menu flyer printing is a marketing method many fast food restaurants are choosing to increase business. For every take out order or delivery order, smart restaurants are putting in a menu flyer or specialty coupon for their next purchase in order to entice their customers to keep coming back. Fast food menu flyer printing is cheap and a low cost marketing method that is producing great results for many restaurants in the Las Vegas area. These menu flyers can be many sizes, with the two most popular sizes of menus being the 1/2 page double sided flyer and the full page menu flyer. Specialty coupon flyers are popular in the 1/4 page size.

Fast food menu printing is cheap in price and a great return on investment. Five thousand of the one half page flyers printed on 100lb paper with a AQ coating is about one hundred sixty dollars. This includes double side printing in full color ( you can have as many colors on the flyers as you want ) along with pictures of your food to help sell your food. Full page 8.5″ x 11″ double sided flyers printed on 100lb paper with AQ coating cost under three hundred dollars and can also be full color with pictures.

Fast food restaurants are also using these menu flyers to pass out to the hundreds of homes that surround their businesses in a half or full mile radius ( Statistics show that it is the surrounding community that is their customer base ).   The restaurants will pass out a flyer with a menu on one side and then on the opposite side a food coupon to bring the people in. They also do this because there is such a turnover in population and its always best to let everybody know you are in business.

Fast food flyer menu printing is available at most print shops at very good pricing.



Window Signs

Custom Window Lettering Signs in Vegas

Custom window lettering signs in Vegas are perfect for businesses and stores where you want to take advantage of your window glass and market your company. Custom window lettering signs include one of the most popular signs most companies have, the front glass door / front window sign with your company name and hours of operation.

Most stores and businesses use their front door glass ( or adjacent window) to place their company name, hours that they are open and contact information to their business such as website, telephone / fax number. They do this in order to let customers know that stop by after hours or when they are closed when they will be open and how to call them. This allows you to educate your customers and retain them for future patronage.

Custom window lettering signs are usually in white or yellow vinyl. This is because the white / yellow vinyl shows very well against glass, whether it is tinted or not. In Las Vegas, because of the unusual amount of  intense sunlight, glass reflects in the direct sunlight and shade. vinyl lettering colors like black, blue, red, green, etc., will bland in with the glass during certain conditions. Yellow and white vinyl stand out well under these conditions.

It is not expensive for custom window lettering signs. Your local sign store can design and plot your vinyl or you can create your own lettering in design programs such as Adobe Illustrated in vector format. The cost for plotting a door sign in the 14″ wide by 20″ tall range is about $25.00 and can be installed yourself or by a professional sign installer. There are many You Tube videos on the internet that will show you how easy it is and give you specific instructions on how to install your graphics. Contact your local sign store today.







Flyer Printing

Cheap Menu Printing in Las Vegas

Cheap menu printing in Las Vegas is available at discount pricing in the local area. Whether you need 1/4 page., 1/2 page or full page menus, discount printing is available. Cheap menu printing will allow you to pass out those take out menus with every take out order and keep your food products in front of the customer for great results.

Cheap menu printing is printed on 100lb paper with various coatings like AQ, Gloss,  Matte, etc. Menu printing can also be on 14pt card stock and 10pt card stock as well, depending upon your needs. ( 14pt card stock and 10pt card stock are more like postcard type thickness  and make for great in-house type menus, but wouldn’t be good for take out menus as they do not fold like paper )

Fast food restaurants love cheap menu printing ! When customers food is being packaged for take out, the restaurant will include a menu inside the take out package in hopes of getting the customer to reorder food at a future date. On these menus, you can print pictures of the food and add as many colors as you like to promote your business. Many fast food restaurants will also make menus and then have their employees canvass the neighborhood within a half mile radius and leave a menu on people’s front door in order to let the neighbors know that they are in business. This is especially important in Las Vegas where there is a great turnover of people in apartment complexes and neighborhoods due to the transitory nature of Nevadans.

Take advantage of cheap menu printing and see your business grow. Menu flyers are easy to pass out and have a great return on your investment. contact your local printer today. Prices start off at around $160.00 for 5,000 double sided half page flyers.