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Step and Repeat Banner Printing

Step and Repeat Banner Printing

Step and repeat banner printing makes for a large impression on clients. So when they see large backdrop banners with names and logos alternately printed on a fabric banner or vinyl banner. These step and repeat banners are very popular at shows and events like the television award ceremonies or the Academy Awards. The theory being that if stars or important people get their picture taken against these background banners.  The names or the sponsors or logos can be seen in the background.

Is Step and Repeat Banner Printing Used  At Conventions and Trade Shows ?

Banner printing is also needed for events and trade shows in the Las Vegas area. Hundreds of events and shows take place in Las Vegas yearly.  And many of these shows need large background banners as part of the event. These step and repeat banners are used in the background of vendors booths. So as to help identify the company sponsoring the booth and/or their product lines. They act as a visual reinforcement for the clients while browsing or talking with company representatives. Also the concept of step and repeat banners is being used at night clubs and shows.  Where people can have their pictures taken against them as a souvenir.

Step and repeat banner printing is not expensive and is very cost effective. The cost of large format printing on a vinyl banner material is about $3.00 a square foot and the price for fabric prints is about $4.00 a square foot. While the vinyl material is tougher and last longer, it is subject to wrinkling if not cared for properly. The fabric material print look nicer but is more fragile because it is made out of polyester but is wrinkle free. Contact a local sign company in Las Vegas if you are looking for a step and repeat background banner. They most certainly will impress your clients.

Step and Repeat Banner Printing

Next Day Step and Repeat Banners

Next day step and repeat banners are sometimes necessary when things go wrong and you need an immediate replacement for a damaged or simply forgotten banner. With all the conventions and trade shows that happen in Las Vegas every year, large backdrop step and repeat banners are a very popular display at these events. It is very inconvenient to travel with large step and repeat banners because they are very long or wide and usually are about 8 ft. when rolled up. It is also very expensive to ship a long 8 ft. tube across country so many vendors and companies prefer to have their step and repeat banners made in Las Vegas and simply have them delivered to the convention venue for set up. This is where it all starts, somebody forgets to order the step and repeat banner and now next day step and repeat banners are needed or even same day step and repeat banners are needed so that the show can go on as planned.

Next day step and repeat banners are not going to be expensive if production scheduling allows for the step and repeat banner to be printed. These large printers are rare because they generally only work part of the year when large banners are required. if there is production room, your banner will cost around $2.00 a square foot and if there is no production time available, overtime will have to be paid and there may be a small increase in the price. The banners are printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material and can be full color, including logos and pictures. Fabric step and repeat banners can also be printed for that wrinkle free appearance that many people like. If you find yourself in need of a next day step and repeat banner, call a sign shop in Las Vegas to help you.