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Window Perforation For Advertising

Window perforation is a way to use “dead space” of your windows to your advantage by advertising on them. Window perforation is a vinyl film that has holes in the film to allow visibility through the film, but yet have material on the film so that it can be printed on. Usually, window perforation comes in a 60/40 or 70/30, meaning that 60% of the material versus 40% of holes.

Window perforation for advertising can be printed on using all colors as well as pictures and logos. For example, a dentist office may choose to place window perforation on their windows that have their company name, logo and some examples of the services that they provide. Many times, they will have a person smiling with a perfect looking set of teeth and offer low cost check ups. Another example is maybe a cute little girl’s picture smiling with a set of braces on to let people know that their dental office does braces.

Window perforation, or see through window graphics, offer more than just advertising. See through window graphics offer a way to cut down on cooling expense during the hot summer months in Las Vegas.   The window perforation acts as a window tint, screening the suns rays that heat up office windows and blocks them out. By blocking the suns heat, it takes less air conditioning to cool your store or office. An additional advantage of window perforation is that it allows you to look out your windows and see people before they walk in. These people can only see your print on the see through window graphics and cannot see you until they come inside.

Window perforation for advertising works and does not cost a lot of money. Take advantage of the dead space on your windows and place bright and attractive advertising that will drive customers to your business and increase your profits.


Window Signs

Window Vision or Window Perf For Business Storefronts

Window vision or window perf is being used by businesses all over the Las Vegas area. Window vision or window perf is known by many names such as see through graphics, one way graphics, etc. but they all do the same job. They allow for a business to use there storefront windows as advertising while still maintaining the ability to use the windows to see out of.

Many businesses are limited on their signage by government regulations and signage capacity.  Windows are generally considered a free area to advertise on without any special permit being required. Consequently, businesses are taking advantage of this loophole by advertising on them. Some of the best examples of this window usage is by the fast food chains, McDonalds and Burger King. You will notice these fast food restaurants utilize their windows to promote new products and the sales of products and the window dressings are regularly changed out so the advertising message does not become stale. However, while inside the store, they still allow the customer to see outside.

Window vision or window perf is a vinyl material with a 60/40 or 70/30 split that is material and holes in it that allows for you to print your advertising message on it but still be able to see through it. The people on the outside can only see your marketing message while the people on the inside cannot. Window vision or window perf is a non permanent material that easily applies to a window and can be removed with no special tools. The window vision or window perf cost around $3.50 a sq ft., which includes your custom design being printed on it.

Window vision or window perf can be found at your local sign shop in Las Vegas or online through a Google or Yahoo engine search.