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Las Vegas Step Repeat Banner Printing

Outdoor Banner Printing in Las Vegas

Outdoor banner printing in Las Vegas can lead you to that outdoor vinyl banner for your event or business.  Also yhese outdoor vinyl banners are cheap.  So its an effective way to announce an event or a business merchandise sale.

Outdoor banners   is used with large format printers printing directly onto a banner material. ( usually 13 ounce)  Also with eco solvent or latex inks that are environmentally safe and toxic free. These long lasting inks are important. Especially in Las Vegas where the intense heat often shortens the life span of most products.

Is Outdoor Banner Printing Cheap ?

Outdoor banners are cheap and cost effective as a form of advertisement. At around $3.00 a square foot for a full color banner.  You can buy a 4ft x 10ft banner ( which can be seen from far away) for around $120.00. You can place this banner that advertises your business or merchandise in your business.  And place it on your building or on a fence and let it be seen by the thousands of vehicles.  That pass by your location every single day.

As Las Vegas grows in population.  It is nothing to get 20,000 + cars a day traveling on streets like Sahara or Lake Mead Ave. ( according to the Nevada  Dept. of Transportation ) That’s possibly 20,000 views a day of a vinyl advertising banner that costs less than one hundred dollars. Also these outdoor banners are designed to last well past a year.  Which equates to a fraction of a penny per view of your marketing message.  Many area businesses rotate their banners weekly. So as much like a weekly advertisement you receive in the mail. But at a much lower cost.

Outdoor banners are available at sign stores in the local Las Vegas area at very good pricing.  Turnaround time on outdoor banners are usually the next day or two.