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Now Open Sign Printing

Now open sign printing can get you that “Now Open” sign you need to let the community know that you are now open for business. Now open sign printing can get you that sign or banner in a custom size that will match your display needs. For example, if you are far away from the street with your store, you might consider a larger open sign or open banner so that it can be easy to read from a distance. You can place the banner or sign on your building towards the top so that no car or landscaping blocks it view. If you are closer to the street where all the vehicles drive by, a simple 3ft x 8ft banner or sign would be plenty to get the attention of people driving by. people forget that Las Vegas is a growing city and transportation studies indicate that thousands of cars drive the major streets every day in Las Vegas.

Now open sign printing will also introduce you to how well signs and banners do when they are placed strategically on your store so that the passing traffic can see them. I know of businesses that have purposely located adjacent to the freeway system in Las Vegas so that they could enjoy free advertising with a large banner to the traffic on the freeway. Thousands upon thousands of cars travel on the freeway at all sorts of speeds because of rush hour traffic and there large banners and signs get to be seen constantly by this traffic. The large sign or banner acts as a billboard that you do not have to pay monthly rent on.

Now open sign printing can be purchased at sign companies all over the Las Vegas area at very good prices. See how these now open banners and signs can help you.








Banners and Signs For Grand Opening

Now Open Banner Printing

Now open banner printing can have that custom printed banner for your business when it opens. There is nothing like a large ” Now Open” banner to help you let the world know you are now open for business !

Now open banner printing can get you that custom made banner for your store’s grand opening. It takes a lot of time and energy to start a business in these tough economic times and you need to announce to the community that you are now open. A large vinyl banner is a great way to let people know that you are open for business.

Now open banners are printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material with outdoor inks. These inks are environmentally friendly and are specifically designed to last in the outdoor weather of Las Vegas, even during the hot summer months.

Many stores use vinyl banners as a way to advertise to their customers. By placing a large banner on your building, the banner is acting like a billboard and can be seen by people driving by or walking past your store. Las Vegas population has increased dramatically in the last few years and people are constantly moving in and out of areas and these vinyl banners are a fantastic way to reach out to deliver your marketing message. In fact, a local dry cleaning store uses banners to announce what dry cleaning special they are offering for the week. The rotate their banners weekly in order to always advertise a special to get new customers.

Now open banner printing is not expensive. It costs around $2.00 a square foot for a vinyl banner that can be any color or combination of colors. The banner is then hemmed for perimeter reinforcement and then grommets are strategically placed every two feet on all four sides to make hanging easy.


Vegas Banners

Now Open Banners and Grand Opening Banners in Vegas

Now open banners and grand opening banners are a necessity when opening your store in Vegas. How else are people going to realize that you are now open for business. In the weeks prior to opening, you had workers stocking the business and getting it ready for its opening day, but the public needs to know for sure when it’s going to open. Now open banners and grand opening banners are perfect to get the attention of the public.

Now open banners and grand opening banners are not expensive and a very good return on your investment. Now open banners and grand opening banners can be any size and be full color, meaning that you could have printed on your custom made banner any colors you want along with pictures, logos and people for around $2.00 a square foot. So a 4ft x 10 foot big banner with ” Now Open” or “Grand Opening” would cost only $80.00 which would include the options of such things as a picture of the store manager on the banner or balloons, etc..

Now open banners and grand opening banners are printed on  large format printers that can print very fast with bright and vivid colors. These modern day printing marvels have brought down the cost of banner printing the last several years because of their speed. In addition, the inks used nowadays are environmentally friendly and designed to last a long time, even in the hot summer sun of Las Vegas. The banners are hemmed for perimeter reinforcement and then grommets are placed on the banner every two feet top and bottom so that the banner can be securely fastened. All this is included in the $2.00 a square foot price. Contact a sign company in Las Vegas today and make your special day of opening your business a successful one.