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Real Estate Metal Yard Signs in Vegas

Real estate metal yard signs are long lasting signs that will last in the heat and cold of Southern Nevada. The standard yard sign for real estate agents in the greater Las Vegas area is the 18″ x 24″ sign, but other sizes are used as well such as the 24″ x 30″  and the 2ft x 2ft real estate metal yard signs.

Las Vegas real estate agents also use much larger signage on vacant land and commercial properties that are for sale or for lease. Agents utilize the 4ft x 4ft metal signs or the 4ft x 8ft metal yard signs on larger properties so that they will be seen.  A great amount of property information can be placed on the larger signs than a smaller sign and can be seen from a farther distance, which is important because potential clients are usually driving by the commercial properties and need to get the information quickly as to who to call.

Real estate metal yard signs are not expensive and considered cheap when many sales are gained off a simple sign. A listing agent that places a for sale or for lease sign on a property has a much greater chance to sale the property as well and get a commission for not only listing the property, but for selling it as well.  A simple 18″ x 24″ real estate sign sells for around $30.00 and the much larger aluminum 4ft x 4ft real estate signs sell for around $99.00. A large 4ft x 8ft aluminum real estate sign costs around$175.00. Professional sign installers will install and maintain your real estate signs.

Real estate metal yard signs are available through your local sign company and do not take long to make. a two or three day turnaround is required to make a long lasting sign that will produce positive results for you.