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Step and Repeat Event Banners

Step and repeat eventĀ banners are very popular at special events where you are trying to bring a specific background in to take photographs against. The purpose of step and repeat event banners is that you can take photographs in front of a banner and have a specific scene or logo in the background visible at different angles so that the logo always shows up in a photograph. These banners are a way to help absorb the cost of special events by having the sponsors help pay for the event.

Step and repeat event bannersĀ  usually have the sponsors of the event on the banner. The sponsors pay for this privilege as it is a way to advertise their company or products to the people who attend the event and for the people that review the photographs that are published in print or online.

Step and repeat event banner are printed on a matte vinyl banner material so that there is no glare from bright lights or camera flashes that could ruin a photo. Gloss vinyl banners have a tendency to reflect light and ruin pictures while matte material will not reflect the lights.

Step and repeat event banners are not very expensive. They average about $2.00 a square foot and come with grommets or no grommets. Grommets are an easy way to fasten the large step and repeat event banners to walls so that they hang properly. These banners are printed with bright and vivid inks that are very easy to see by large format printers. These printers cannot only print logos , names. text, but also pictures with great clarity and quality.

If you need step and repeat event banners in Las Vegas, please contact one of the many sign shops. For extra large step and repeat banners, www.LasVegasLargeBanners.com is a great place to find very large event banners