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Custom Printed Banner Signs

Custom printed banner signs can help your business grow through inexpensive advertising. Custom printed banner signs are much cheaper than television or printed media and have a very high effective rate of return on your investment. These custom printed banner signs can be made in many different sizes and colors to help market your products and services

Custom printed banner signs cost around $2.00 a square foot and includes simple designing, hemming of the banner for perimeter reinforcement and placing grommets on the banner so that it can be hung easily. Normally, these banners are printed on a 13 ounce vinyl scrim banner material using latex or eco solvent inks so that they can withstand the sun, water and other  elements of Mother Nature.  Large format printers print these custom banners at very fast speeds which cause the banner to be cheaper than ever before since a great amount of manpower and time is saved. These banners come in various sizes from 1 foot tall to over 50 feet in length. Printing a banner 10ft x 50 feet is no problem with these newer, faster large format printers.

Custom banners are loved by the business community because they can be hung at their location so that they can be seen by the hundred. if not thousands of cars  that drive by their location every day. Many businesses next to the freeway especially take advantage of custom printed banners and make very large ones so that they an be hung on their buildings and noticed by the thousands of cars that drive the freeways in Las Vegas every single day. The spaghetti bowl in Las Vegas is a perfect example of where the furniture places in Las Vegas use large banners to attract customers as they drive by daily.

See how these custom printed banners can help your business get more business !