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Low Cost Foam Core Board Signs

Low cost foam core board signs are available in the Las Vegas area for your special events, meetings and conventions. Low cost foam core board signs are popular at these events because they are professional looking and inexpensive. These short term signs can simply be tossed away at the end of an event since they are not designed to last a long time. Foam core board signs will warp if wet or subject to varying weather conditions, which is why they are predominantly used for indoor use.  If they are used for outdoor use, they will be difficult to attach for a display.

Low cost foam core board signs are printed directly onto the foam board or printed on a vinyl application and then applied to the foam board. A lamination in matte or gloss is then applied so as to prevent scratching of the print. The foam core board consists of a foam core middle with two outside paper layers attached so that it can be printed on.

Low cost foam core board signs are very much liked by photographers in town. Professional photographers will use these foam boards for presentation of their photographs. They will have their photographs printed and displayed with a matte lamination at events. Photographers prefer the matte lamination versus a gloss lamination so there is no glare on the foam sign.

Foam core board signs are also used at conventions for directional displays and short term applications. At presentations, these foam boards are usually on a easel for display. Interestingly, they also use foam boards for point of purchase advertising in stores, especially convenience stores where products are pushed on consumers to spark impulse buying. Foam core board sign printing is cheap and that is one of the reasons it is so popular and used so frequently.




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Foam Board Printing For Events

Foam board printing for events is necessary in Las Vegas because of the amounts of events that are hosted here. Las Vegas is the king of events and shows and continues to grow in popularity to have events here. Not only does Las Vegas have the facilities for such events, we are a 24/7 town that likes to party ! There is no other city in the United States that can match the fun and entertainment that Las Vegas offers.

Foam board printing for events is a low cost sign that are used in many different reasons at events. Foam boards can be used for direction purposes because they are lightweight and easy to place on a wall to point you in the right direction. These signs can also be used for display purposes and placed on tables or easels / stands to be displayed.

Foam board printing for events are usually on 3/16ths or 1/2″ foam board. They are printed directly onto the foam board or on a vinyl application and then applied to the foam board. The foam board is then laminated to protect the print with a matte lamination or gloss lamination. The gloss lamination looks nicer, but taking pictures of the foam board is sometimes difficult because the glare of the gloss lamination will interfere with the picture quality, which is why sometimes people prefer the matte lamination. The cost of a 3/16ths foam board is about five dollars a square foot and the cost of a 1/2″ foam board print is about $.00 a square foot on white foam board. Foam board printing for events can also be printed on thick 1″ foam board and up to 4ft x 8ft .

Foam board printing for events and shows can be found at sign stores across the Las Vegas valley at very good pricing.




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Foam Board 36 x 48 Signs

Foam board 36 x 48 signs are being used at the trade show and convention venues for display of products and services. Foam board 36 x 48 signs are 3ft x 4ft foam core signs that have a vinyl print applied to a 3/36 ” or 1/2 ” foam core board and then laminated to protect to the print. Foam boards are made of foam with a outer paper layer that allows for a print. They are lightweight and considered a indoor sign and for temporary usage. If used outdoors, they will warp in weather rather quickly.

Foam board 36 x 48 signs can be seen at the 3 major convention venues in Las Vegas:

1. Las Vegas Convention Center

2. Mandalay Bay Convention Center

3. Sands Exposition Center

Vendors use these foam core boards at these venues as well as the hotels and casinos along the Las Vegas Strip. It seems each casino along the famous Las Vegas strip has meeting rooms that are several thousand feet in space that can be divided up and in these meting rooms, these foam board 36 x 48 signs can be seen along with other forms of signage. A couple of banner stands, a custom printed table cloth and  some foam boards and you instantly have a booth display that looks very impressive at a low cost.

Foam board 36 x 48 signs are usually printed in Las Vegas by the many sign stores that cater to the events and shows held locally. These foam boards are delicate ( because they are made with foam) and can be damaged easily which is why they tend to get damaged in the shipping process. By having the foam core boards printed locally, vendors know that they will be in excellent shape and ready to present at your event. Contact a local sign shop like www.Posterhead.com if you find yourself wanting foam core board signs.




Foam Core Signs, Foam Bard Signs

Foam Board 22 x 28 Sign Printing

Foam board 22  x  28 sign printing in Las Vegas is available at sign shops that service the event and show industry. Not only are foam core board signs used at trade shows and conventions, they are extremely popular at gas station and quickie marts where point of purchase advertising is very popular. These lightweight, sharp looking signs are the favorites at quickie marts because they can be hung from the ceiling and placed just about anywhere and advertise impulse purchasing of products  at check out counters.

Foam board 22 x 28 sign printing is especially popular at meeting and events where image is everything. These foam board signs look great printed with a laminate on them . They are very professional looking, lightweight and inexpensive. Foam boards are referred to as temporary signage because are used for indoor purposes and usually do not last long because they have a tendency to warp. For indoor and outdoor signs, coroplast signs are used which allows for a longer lasting sign that is made with plastic, but does not look as nice. These signs are also displayed at trade shows and conventions where they are placed on easels or tables and printed with advertising or company information.  Foam board 22 x 28 sign printing is especially popular in Las Vegas because these signs are made with foam board and subject to being damaged easily. By printing and making these signs in Las Vegas, they avoid shipping which is cause for a lot of damage to trade show and convention display signs.  In fact, many vendors and businesses that come often to Las Vegas prefer to have there signs and banners made locally to avoid the high cost of shipping. Knowing that the signs are ready and at the proper location makes people worry less.

Contact a local sign store today if you should find yourself in need of foam board 22 x 28 sign printing.


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Las Vegas Poster Board Signs For Trade Shows

Las Vegas poster board signs are being used at Las Vegas trade shows and conventions to  present a professional presentation. These Las Vegas poster board signs are very portable and placed on easels and mounted on trade booth walls and are very professional looking.

Poster board signs are not expensive and cost about $4.00 a square foot. These poster signs are mounted on either a 3/16 foam core board or a 1/2″ foam core board. ( The 1/2″ foam core board sells for about $6.00 a square foot)  These Las Vegas poster board signs are generally laminated with a gloss finish that make for a shiny, professional appearance. These poster board signs are generally used for indoor usage and will deteriorate with outdoor use when exposed to weather.

Poster board signs are also used in restaurants, especially fast food restaurants because they are so inexpensive. Many Hispanic taco restaurants will use poster board signs as a way to advertise their food products at the fast food counter. Since a poster board sign cost about $4.00 a sq. ft. a 2ft x 5ft menu board with a laminate on it would cost $40.00 and can be changed out very easily. Since the poster board is lightweight and can be hung with wire or mounted to a wall,   the boards can easily be changed out and cost just a fraction of more expensive menu boards.

Las Vegas poster board signs are also used for business presentations, school presentations and for convenience store advertising. Local convenience stores are using poster board signs at their check out counters to promote impulse purchase items.

Las Vegas poster board signs can be purchased at local sign shops in the Las Vegas area. These poster boards can be ordered in advance and picked up for the trade shows and conventions as well so that they do not get damaged while being transported to Las Vegas.