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Fabric Banner Display Signs in Vegas

Vegas Custom Backdrop Banner Signs For Conventions

Vegas custom backdrop banner signs are being used at the different event venues in Las Vegas. When a company or vendor rents a display booth, they are placing these large background banners against the back of the booth so that people walking by can see them.

Vegas custom backdrop banner signs can be step and repeat banners or just regular banners with pictures and logos printed on them. These backdrop banners can be any color or printed with any combination of colors. A step and repeat backdrop banner usually has a logo or name that is printed on the banner in a staggered fashion and repeated so that it can be seen from any angle. A regular company banner might have the companies name and logo on it with pictures of the goods or services that they sell. These Vegas custom backdrop banner signs can be printed on banner material or a fabric material. The banner material is cheaper and the fabric material is wrinkle free and more costly. The vinyl banner material and fabric material ( polyester ) each has its own merits and selling points. Each of these material are used for large backdrop banner signs. Backdrop signs 8ft x 10ft are common and much larger sizes are available. The custom backdrop banner signs can have pole pockets placed at the top and bottom so a pole can be used to hold them up. Alternatively, grommets can be placed on all four sides every two feet so that the banner can easily be affixed to something.

Vegas custom backdrop banner signs are in demand during the busy convention season in Las Vegas. So think ahead and order early these large backdrop banners so to be sure that you will have your banner graphic on time. Cost is usually about $2.00 a square foot for vinyl banner material and $3.00 a square foot for fabric material.

Large Format Printed Step and Repeat Banner Signs in Vegas by www.Posterhead.com

Cheap Banner Backdrop Signs in Vegas

Cheap banner backdrop signs in Vegas are great for display booths at the conventions and trade shows. Every year there are hundreds of events and shows in Las Vegas that attract multi national companies to display the newest products and gadgets available. These events and shows bring thousands of vendors and millions of people from around the world. There are three very large convention venues in Las Vegas with each having over one million square feet of floor space that is dividable. This allows multiple convention and trade shows to take place at the same time. These convention venues are all modernized and annually host some of the biggest and prestigious events from around the world.

Cheap banner backdrop signs work really well at the back of display booths. The banners can be seen by people walking by and many companies will take pictures of their products and place them on the banner. People see the pictures and follow up with questions and new customers are made. Cheap banner backdrop signs can be 8ft tall by 10ft wide or bigger, depending upon the size needed. Having a 10ft tall x 50 foot wide background banner sign is not an issue. These large banners can have a pocket placed at the top and a pipe placed through it to hold the banner in place. Otherwise, the banner can have grommets and be hung or attached to a wall. These banners can be made locally in Las Vegas by 5 star Yelp sign companies and delivered to your event center or picked up. Logos, pictures and images can be printed on the banner that is on a 13 ounce banner material and printed with eco solvent inks designed to be bright and vivid.

Contact your local sign shop in Vegas to get price quotes on your cheap backdrop banner signs. It is much easier to have them printed here than have them printed elsewhere and pay for shipping.

Large Format Printed Step and Repeat Banner Signs in Vegas by www.Posterhead.com

Oversized Backdrop Banners in Vegas

Oversized backdrop banners are in hot demand during the many events and shows in Las Vegas. These oversized backdrop banners are used in the background and sort of act like a giant billboard or a backdrop for pictures to be taken. Step and repeat banners are examples of oversized backdrop banners. Step and repeat banners are large banners that take a name, picture or logo and simply repeat it over and over again on  banner. It can be a single name or you can use multiple names and repeat them. These banners are all full color banners, meaning you can have any color you want or combination of colors printed on the banner.

Many night clubs that cater to the tourists also use oversized backdrop banners to promote their clubs. Tourists like to take pictures of themselves and a night club will place these banners at their club so tourists can take selfies and then go home and show off where they have been in Vegas.

Backdrop banners are usually printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material that allows for the backdrop banner to be used at many different locations. With proper care, the banner will last a long time.  Oversized backdrop banners printed on fabric are also gaining in popularity. These large banners are printed on a 8 oz polyester fabric which allows for a wrinkle free appearance. The only issue is that they are delicate and subject to snaring and tearing, much like a woman’s dress. The cost of vinyl backdrop banners is about $2.00 a square foot and about $3.00 a square foot for fabric. Large printers are used in this process and turnaround time is a few days because of the scheduling. Contact your local sign company if you should find yourself in need of a large backdrop banner.







Large Format Printed Step and Repeat Banner Signs in Vegas by www.Posterhead.com

Step and Repeat Background Banner Signs

Step and repeat background banner signs are popular at many of the night clubs in Las Vegas because tourists love to have their pictures taken as souvenirs against them so that they can show themselves off to their friends back home. In addition, there popularity is in full swing at the convention and trade show venues because step and repeat background banner signs fit perfectly in vendor booths and act as a great background visual. More information can be learned at http://posterhead.com/bannerstands/.

Step and repeat background banner signs can be made in many sizes. The two most popular sizes, the 8ft x 8ft step and repeat banner and the 8ft x 10ft step and repeat banner cost around $2.00 a square foot for vinyl banner material and about $3.00 a square foot for fabric material. Both the vinyl banner and fabric material has their plusses and minuses. For example, the fabric polyester material is wrinkle free and can be pulled very tightly  but is fragile like a woman’s dress and can snare easily. The 13 ounce vinyl banner material is much more durable, but can get a wrinkle or two in it if not maintained properly. Both materials allow for a full color print which would include pictures and logos. Both these step and repeat banners require help in hanging such as a banner stand or a wall to hang it. If using a stand, usually the customer will order”pockets” on the banner and then simply use the banner stand pole to slip through the pocket so that it can be hung and adjusted. The standard pocket is about 2.5″ round.

Contact a local sign company in Las Vegas to hear about all the benefits these large step and repeat banners can do for your company / event. Be sure to give enough time so that the large banner can be made properly.




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Large Step Repeat Banners For Your VIP Event

Large step repeat banners are a marketing idea created by special events and night clubs to capture a background image that can be photographed with people standing in front of them. When pictures are taken against large step repeat banners, those images will bring back fond memories of the good times at that event. With the pictures, text and logos  in the background, you will always be able to see them and this creates a great marketing idea for those who have their names on the large step repeat banners.

Large step repeat banners are vinyl banners that have a logo, picture or name on it that is printed over and over again ( step and repeat) so that it is viewable from different angles.  Many times sponsors of an event will have their names on the banner  or in the case of the Oscars, just the name Oscars and a statue is all that is needed. These pictures are then taken and posted in various publications so that they can be seen by many people. The advertisers or sponsors then get name recognition off the pictures and hopefully, people will use their product or service.

Large step repeat banners are printed on a vinyl banner material that is matte. The printers use matte so that there is no reflection of light or flash so the picture will not be ruined. Many times people will mistakenly  do a background step and repeat banner in gloss, only to find out the reflecting light on the gloss material ruined the picture.  Large step repeat banners can be made in a variety of sizes to accommodate the particular event. For example, maybe a 100ft long step and repeat banner is needed for the ” Oscars” because there are so many participants. While a simple 8ft x 8ft step repeat banner is sufficient for a night club.


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Las Vegas Discount Backdrop Banners

Las Vegas discount backdrop banners are used by a variety of businesses and other organizations for a variety of reasons. The use of backdrop banners has one unique characteristic , they set the tone for something.

here are some of the businesses and organizations uses for a backdrop banner

1. School Theatrical Play

2. School Prom Night

3. Trade Show / Convention

4. VIP Events

5. Nite Clubs

6. News Casts

7. Sporting Events Broadcasts.

Las Vegas discount backdrop banners can be used for all the above reasons and many more. For example, at a UNLV Running Rebel after basketball interview, the coach gives his interpretation of the basketball game and takes questions from reporters about the game. The UNLV Running Reb’s use a step and repeat backdrop banner so that no matter what angle a picture or cameras looks at the coach, The UNLV Running Rebels have their logo in the background. The same is true for NFL after game interviews and other professional sports organizations.

Las Vegas discount backdrop banners are also used at trade shows and conventions for background banners to help promote a product or idea with visual reinforcement. props such as banners help sell products and emphasize the importance of the company.

Las Vegas discount backdrop banners are also used on prom nights at the local schools for backdrops to pictures. The backdrop banners will have a scene on them and the children will have their pictures taken against the backdrop theme. Also, at schools in Las Vegas, theatrical productions will have backdrop banners made and they will have their props printed with certain images to set the scene.

Las Vegas discount backdrop banners are printed on a matte banner material rather than the glossy banner material so that no camera flash or lighting will reflect off the banner and ruin the picture or cause a glare.