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Poster Board Signs For Advertising

Poster board signs are a excellent source of advertising for convenience stores and gas stations. These low cost poster board signs are very effective of reminding you of products and services that are available for purchase.

These poster board signs are so effective for sales that many of the vendors like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Gatorade, Hostess, etc. will actually print their own poster board signs for the stores and give them away for free in order to increase sales for the store and themselves. Many times, depending on the location and store, the vendor will pay money through bonuses or discounts for the right to even display their poster board signs placed at a certain location within the store.

Poster board signs are different types. They can be simple as poster paper signs or vinyl prints applied to a foam core board of different sizes ( traditionally 3/16 or 1/2, but can be thicker ) and then many times laminated to provide a clear and shiny appearance. ( the laminate protects the print )  Other times, with the use of state of the art flatbed printers,  the eco solvent or latex ink is applied directly on the foam core board and laminated . Either application is beneficial as the other and only a trained eye can determine the difference. The cost of the poster board signs varies from about $4.00 a square foot on the low side to about $9.00 a square foot on the high side.

Many sign shops in the Las Vegas area have the ability to fulfill your requests for poster board signs. Poster board signs are very popular at the trade shows and conventions in Las Vegas ( banners being the number one signage) and consequently, your poster board signs can be made with the assurance  of quality. Local stores love them as they make very good point of sale signs.


Signs and Banners

Paradise Nevada Poster Signs

Paradise Nevada poster signs can attract new customers for your business or event. These poster signs come in a variety of colors and shapes and can be custom made to deliver the target message you want to send.

Signage is very important in today’s society. It used to be that you could start a business, take out a yellow page ad and be a success. With the internet and smart cell phones, they took over the yellow pages and new marketing methods are needed to adapt. The yellow page phone book is basically dead and smart businesses are using pay per click or ads on the internet to gain market share. what has not changed is the need for store signage to assist the customer.

Signage can take many forms such as window graphics, vinyl lettering, posters, banners, aluminum signs, etc. Each of these signs has a particular need when it comes to marketing your business. For example, simple white vinyl lettering on your door can help customers ascertain your business name, hours of operation, website information, telephone number, etc. This vinyl white lettering is cheap, it would only cost about $20 to $25.00 for you to purchase this at a sign shop and install it yourself.

Paradise Nevada poster signs make for great in store advertisement. With these types of signs, you can display product information and price to the consumer in an array of colors that will attract their attention. In fact, many convenience stores use this type of marketing to sale items near their check out counters. There is always a star’s or VIP picture on a poster trying to get you to buy soda, water or some other convenient item at the checkout register. They do this type of advertising because it works.

Paradise Nevada poster signs can be found and locally made at a sign shop near you.