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Clark County Foam Core Signs.

Clark County foam core signs are very popular signs for presentations and trade shows and conventions.  These professional looking signs are excellent visual displays to help reinforce your marketing message. Clark County foam board signs are made for interior use and not for outside usage. ( Coroplast substrate holds up much better for outdoor usage) The use of foam core boards outside will cause the foam core board to soften and bend. It must be kept dry or it will be damaged.

Casinos Use Clark County Foam Core Signs

Clark County hosts the largest gaming mecca in the world. Las Vegas casinos use a lot of foamcore board signs as well for indoor signage.  Since they are professional looking and are very low cost. So the Las Vegas trade show industry is the largest in the world.  And many foam core signs are made for trade shows and conventions. So many Las Vegas sign shops make these foam core signs in large quantities. And at very cost effective prices.

Clark County foam board signs are usually made with a 3/16 foam core board. Also with a 1/2 inch thick foam core board. The average price of a vinyl sign mounted on foam core board is about $6.00 a square foot. ( a typical 2ft x 3ft foam core sign would cost about $36.00)  Another popular size of foam core board is the 1/2″ thick board.  And that usually sells for around $12.00 a square foot. These foam core signs are full color.  So this means you can have as many colors and pictures printed on them as you want. Many times, photos are mounted on foam core boards as well. These photo foam core boards are laminated with a gloss laminate. So as to really bring out the quality of the photo and also protects the foam core photo board from scuffs.

Get your Clark County foam core signs at your local sign shops or online.

Las Vegas Foam Board Signs

Las Vegas Foam Board Signs

Las Vegas foam board signs are very popular at Las Vegas trade shows and conventions. They are also very popular at speaking events where you want to have visual displays. So as to help support your lecture.

What Thickness Do Las Vegas Foam Board Signs Come In ?

Las Vegas foam core signs usually have a 3/16″ backing or 1/2″ backing of foam board. Both of these backings allow for a vinyl application to be applied to the foam board sign.  And sometimes the foam board is laminated to give it a shiny coat. So as for a better display. The vinyl prints that are applied to the foam core board are full color.  Also you can have a variety of colors on it and are not limited to certain colors. In addition, you can have pictures and logos printed on the foam board as well. Some of the newer flat bed printers can print directly on the foam board.  But it ads no special clarity or quality to the print.

Las Vegas foam core signs are also popular at conventions and trade shows in Las Vegas. More trade shows, exhibits and conventions are held in Las Vegas than any other place in the United States. The foam boards are used in their visual presentations of the products and services.  Along with the very popular banners that act as a backdrop at the conventions. These foam boards are not expensive and can be used over at other shows as well.

The pricing for Las Vegas foam board signs are competitive at a range of $6 a square foot to $9.00 a foot. Many people attending conventions prefer to have their foam boards made in Las Vegas in order to make sure there is no damage to the foam boards en route to Las Vegas. The foam boards are fragile and can easily be scuffed and will not show as well as you would normally like.

Custom Vertical X Stand Banner Stands

Wholesale Foam Board Sign Printing in Southern Nevada

Wholesale foam board sign printing can get you that custom made foam core board printed and made in Las Vegas. Many businesses come to Las Vegas for the trade shows and conventions. And have their foam board signs printed locally in Las Vegas. Partly because shipping the foam boards from back home is a gamble.  Because of the delicate nature of foam core boards.  But partly because they are inexpensive in Las Vegas and many foam boards are printed locally.

Foam core boards are easily damaged in transit. Many times a package will slip and fall on package with foam boards in it and damage the sign. After all, the foam board is made of lightweight foam and is very impressionable. Even placing a hand on the foam board is enough to leave an impression that can be seen on the board. Many foam core board signs are reprinted in Las Vegas because of this reason since the event is not going to wait and the show must go on.

Wholesale Foam Board Sign Printing Is Available For Conventions.

Wholesale foam board printing is available in Las Vegas because so many shows and events occur annually in Vegas that sign shops have the necessary equipment to make these foam board signs in a hurry. Same  day foam board signs is not unheard of and neither is next day foam boards. Grant it that there are extra steps required in the foam board process, but they can be made very quickly.

Many vendors prefer to have all their signs and banners printed in Las Vegas to save storage and shipping fees. The unions in Las Vegas have a large control of the convention venues and it is often mandatory that your signs and banners need to be handled by union labor if they are stores in advance of a show. By having your graphics printed locally, you could save a lot of money.



Las Vegas 3/16 Foam Core Board Signs

Custom Foam Board Signs For In Store Sales

Custom foam board signs are being used very successfully by Las Vegas retailers to increase their in store sales. Every time we walk into a Las Vegas gas station and pay for your purchase.  You see point of purchase advertising to entice you to spend additional money on merchandise.

What are  Custom Foam Board Signs ?

Custom foam board signs are vinyl prints applied to 3/16 or 1/2 foam board. And often applied with a gloss laminates for a scratch proof finish. ( The foam core board can also be printed on directly with large format printers) As defined by  dictionary.com  ” Any of various lightweight slabs or boards made of thermoplastic foam in varying thicknesses and used especially for insulation or in mounting art.

Las Vegas retailers love these signs and they are very popular at grocery stores, convenience stores and gas retailers. So tt every register, there are these foam core board signs that prompt you to buy their merchandise.  While you are waiting to pay for your purchase. They are very successful in this goal as retailers will pay a premium to be able to market their items to you in these locations.  They peddle anything from the popular drink Gatorade to M& M candy bars.

Custom foam board sign printing is also popular at the Las Vegas conventions and exhibits. They can be set up very quickly on easels. So they offer a very professional background display to help sell their wares. These custom foam core board signs are not expensive. So a  3/16 board selling at around $6.00 to $9.00 a square foot and the 1/2 ” thick foam core board signs selling for $9.00 a square foot and up.

Custom foam board signs can be bought at you favorite sign shops in Las Vegas or online to help you improve your in store sales.

Poster Board Signs

Henderson Nevada Foam Core Signs

Henderson Nevada foam core signs are being used at business presentations and trade shows in Nevada. Henderson Nevada foam core signs are printed on vinyl and then applied to foam core board and offer a professional sign for exhibition.

In addition, Henderson Nevada foam core signs are being used at Henderson Nevada businesses to market goods and services. You cannot go in a convenience store in Henderson without seeing foam core signs being used at these stores. When you purchase  your gas or fast convenient items at these stores, you cannot pay for your gas or items at he cashier without noticing these foam core signs at the register.

Foam core signs are very popular at exhibitions and trade shows in Las Vegas. These professional looking signs are used for presentations and are very cheap to make at around $4.00 a square foot.

Another type of sign that is very popular is a aluminum sign. These signs are a double sided aluminum that have a vinyl substrate applied to it that are very durable and made for outdoor use as well as indoor use. Traditionally, a .040 aluminum is used or these types of signs, but the latest technology allows for a double sided aluminum sign with a filler substrate which provides for a more solid and tougher sign.

Another type of popular signage is the vinyl banner. Vinyl banners, which is a 13 ounce banner material printed sign that is very cheap and economical. At around $2.00 a square foot., a vinyl banner is a very good alternative to a large expensive sound. Vinyl banners are printed on a 13 ounce banner material with inks designed for outdoor use that will last 3 or so years.

Henderson Nevada foam core signs can be purchased at Henderson sign shops or Las Vegas area sign and print shops at very cost effective prices.




Poster Board Signs

Las Vegas Discount Foam Core Signs

Las Vegas discount foam core signs are known by many different terms. People refer to them as foam board signs, poster boards signs, poster signs, etc.  Las Vegas discount foam core signs are defined as,  foam core signs are made using polystyrene foam sandwiched between either paper, plastic, or a clay paper surface.  What ever you call them, they are great for conventions, trade shows and  for retail businesses.

Las Vegas discount foam core signs are not very expensive. A 3/16 foam core sign is $4.00 a square foot  and a 1/2 . They are a vinyl print mounted on the foam core and many times they have a lamination applied to give it a shiny and professional appearance. Many professional speakers use foam core signs as visual representation of what they are lecturing or speaking about.  At trade shows and conventions in Las Vegas, foam core signs are used extensively to help exhibit products at the shows. Many times, the poster boards are shipped to Las Vegas or brought here and damaged while getting to Las Vegas because they are easily damaged. Consequently, people attending the trade shows and exhibits prefer to have the foam board signs made in Las Vegas to cut down on the chance of damage while traveling.

Las Vegas discount foam core signs are also used a lot at convenience stores, especially gas stations. These foam core signs can be seen by the cash registers to help sell impulse items while people are paying for their purchases. There are many foam board signs near the register because this type of advertising really works well.

Las Vegas discount foam core signs can be purchased at most of the sign shops in Las Vegas. To find discount foam board signs, you need to shop around a little to find the sign shops that can provide them at discount pricing.


Poster Board Signs

Las Vegas Foam Core Signs

Las Vegas foam core signs are available in the Las Vegas area for reasonable prices. The foam core signs are vinyl prints applied to a 3/16 or 1/2 inch foam core board.  And then protected with a laminate against scratches. These foam core signs show very well for different applications.

Are Las Vegas Foam Core Signs Used At Conventions ?

Las Vegas foam board signs are primarily used for displays at stores.  Also at trade shows and conventions. There are many conventions held in the Las Vegas area.  Because Las Vegas is the number one destination for conventions and trade shows. Everybody wants to come to Las Vegas to have their shows.  Because of the general good year round weather that allows for golf, skiing, boating and a host of other outdoor activities.  Also Las Vegas hosts amenities such as fine dining and entertainment.  24hr night life, gambling and a whole bunch of other fun activities.   Las Vegas has developed into a family type place to go as well that has plenty of things to do with the children.

Las Vegas foam board signs are printed on a vinyl film and then applied to a foam core substrate.  And then laminated over to prevent scratches to the print. They are full color, meaning you can have as many colors on the print as you want, along with pictures and logos. The preferred design files are pdf, psd, ai and a high resolution jpeg. In addition, you can also have your print applied to a 4mm coroplast sign that has the ability to withstand outdoor usage as well for about the same price.

Las Vegas foam board signs are available at your local sign shops.  Or print shops in the Las Vegas area at very reasonable prices. The foam core signs can be made expeditiously and carefully for your in store displays or convention and trade shows.