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Low Cost Foam Core Board Signs

Low cost foam core board signs are available in the Las Vegas area for your special events, meetings and conventions. Low cost foam core board signs are popular at these events because they are professional looking and inexpensive. These short term signs can simply be tossed away at the end of an event since they are not designed to last a long time. Foam core board signs will warp if wet or subject to varying weather conditions, which is why they are predominantly used for indoor use.  If they are used for outdoor use, they will be difficult to attach for a display.

Low cost foam core board signs are printed directly onto the foam board or printed on a vinyl application and then applied to the foam board. A lamination in matte or gloss is then applied so as to prevent scratching of the print. The foam core board consists of a foam core middle with two outside paper layers attached so that it can be printed on.

Low cost foam core board signs are very much liked by photographers in town. Professional photographers will use these foam boards for presentation of their photographs. They will have their photographs printed and displayed with a matte lamination at events. Photographers prefer the matte lamination versus a gloss lamination so there is no glare on the foam sign.

Foam core board signs are also used at conventions for directional displays and short term applications. At presentations, these foam boards are usually on a easel for display. Interestingly, they also use foam boards for point of purchase advertising in stores, especially convenience stores where products are pushed on consumers to spark impulse buying. Foam core board sign printing is cheap and that is one of the reasons it is so popular and used so frequently.