Custom Printed Table Cloths with Logos

Customized Tablecloths And Table Covers In Southern Nevada

Customized tablecloths and table covers are getting very popular at shows across the Las Vegas Valley. At most shows, there are 6 foot or 8 foot tables and vendors and exhibitors are learning that placing a custom tablecloth or custom printed table cover over the table makes a great and lasting impression on clients. Customized tablecloths and table covers come in different colors and can be printed with your logos and pictures. You can design your own tablecloth with a template so that you have complete control over how it looks.

Customized tablecloths and table covers come in the popular sizes to fit the 6 foot and 8 foot tables. These tablecloths are printed on a polyester material that allows them to be wrinkle free and great looking. Customized tablecloths and table covers can be used over and over again because they can be machined washed at home or professionally cleaned to allow for a fresh appearance every time used.

Customized tablecloths and table covers are also very popular at the trade shows and conventions where most vendor booths have a table and the tables are usually scratched and sort of ugly looking and a tablecloth ( especially a customized tablecloth with your company name and logo would look great ! ) can be placed over the table to promote your company and services. Hundreds of trade shows and events occur yearly in Las Vegas and many table cloths are printed for these events. Since these tablecloths are long lasting, they can be used at many different events and simply walked into the venue and placed on your table without the assistance of  union labor. Add in a few banner stands or foam core board signs and you can pretty much have a display booth ready to go. Las Vegas area sign shops sell these tablecloths at discount prices.