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Large Step Repeat Banners For Your VIP Event

Large step repeat banners are a marketing idea created by special events and night clubs to capture a background image that can be photographed with people standing in front of them. When pictures are taken against large step repeat banners, those images will bring back fond memories of the good times at that event. With the pictures, text and logos  in the background, you will always be able to see them and this creates a great marketing idea for those who have their names on the large step repeat banners.

Large step repeat banners are vinyl banners that have a logo, picture or name on it that is printed over and over again ( step and repeat) so that it is viewable from different angles.  Many times sponsors of an event will have their names on the banner  or in the case of the Oscars, just the name Oscars and a statue is all that is needed. These pictures are then taken and posted in various publications so that they can be seen by many people. The advertisers or sponsors then get name recognition off the pictures and hopefully, people will use their product or service.

Large step repeat banners are printed on a vinyl banner material that is matte. The printers use matte so that there is no reflection of light or flash so the picture will not be ruined. Many times people will mistakenly  do a background step and repeat banner in gloss, only to find out the reflecting light on the gloss material ruined the picture.  Large step repeat banners can be made in a variety of sizes to accommodate the particular event. For example, maybe a 100ft long step and repeat banner is needed for the ” Oscars” because there are so many participants. While a simple 8ft x 8ft step repeat banner is sufficient for a night club.