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Foam Board Prints

Foam board prints are great for advertising products at stores and conventions to increase sales. They are very effective in point of purchase sales. They increase sales by making customers ware of products and services that are available through your business.

Who Uses Foam Board Prints ?

There are hundreds of businesses in Las Vegas using foam board prints and poster signs every day. One of the biggest users of these types of signs are grocery stores. Grocery store owners put these signs above areas like produce, bakery, deli, etc. to notify customers of low prices and  sales on items in the store. Neighborhood convenience stores also use foam core board signs as a way to increase customer awareness and sales.

Foam board prints are also very popular at Las Vegas conventions and trade shows. They set up very easy on easels and other stands and can be removed in seconds and replaced. Best of all, they can be used over and over again if properly stored and secured. ( Since they are foam board, they can be dented or subject to warpage through different weather conditions.)

Foam board prints are not very expensive. With the 3/16 foam core board, they cost around $4.00 a square foot. The 1/2 inch foam core board costs slightly higher. Many times, the foam core board will be laminated with a gloss finish to make it scratch proof and present better. Poster signs can also be laminated. Poster signs are cheaper and printed on a 8 or 9 mil poster paper that can be inserted into display stands or attached to walls that help customers be notified of merchandise availability.

Foam board prints can be purchased online or at sign businesses in the Las Vegas area at very reasonable prices . These cheap and effective signs are guaranteed to increase your sales and bottom line.