Backdrop Banners

Step Repeat Banners For Backgrounds.

Step Repeat banners are banners that are gaining popularity at entertainment events. Step Repeat banners are used as backdrops with a logo or logos that that repeatedly printed on the banners and then offset. The stars or VIP’s stand in front of these step repeat banners so that no matter where their picture is taken, or what view they are being filmed from, the logos on the step repeat banners can be seen.

Advertisers love this cheap form of advertising with step repeat banners. The attention that the step repeat banners get is very profitable in the long run through product name placement. In Las Vegas, they are especially used with frequency because Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world. Everybody loves to come to Las Vegas to gamble, eat and enjoy themselves. Las Vegas boast some of the finest restaurants in the world, exotic entertainment and world class accommodations.

Step repeat banners are printed on a matte vinyl banner material or cloth so as not to give reflections of the flash of cameras or the lights of a television camera. There are numerous sign shops and print facilities in Las Vegas that can make your step repeat banner.  That is because of all the trade shows and conventions in Las Vegas and the amount of print shops and sign shops that are required to handle all the sign work.  In addition, the casinos of Nevada keep the sign shops going with all the print jobs and huge signs that they have to lure customers into their casinos.

if you are looking to have an event, think about having a step repeat banner so that people can stand in front of the canvas and have a sponsor’s name or logo be seen. I am sure they would pay money for that type of  product or name awareness.

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