Las Vegas Next Day DOT Number Signs by

Las Vegas Next Day DOT Number Signs

Las Vegas next day number signs can get your Department of Transportation ( DOT ) numbers in a hurry. There are times when the trucks need to roll and same day DOT numbers or next day DOT number signs are needed. Without the numbers, you are likely to be pulled over and cited for non compliance. A truck not moving freight is a truck not making money.

What size DOT numbers are needed ?

The Department of Transportation wants the DOT numbers to be readable at 50 feet away. This equates to a 2″ tall letter. Furthermore, the letters need to be in a font that is easily readable. Many times a trucker will want to do specialized text font and find themselves in non compliance with the Dept. of Transportation and have themselves cited. Arial or Helvetica font seems to be the wise choice for the font. The color of the DOT numbers also is important and should be in contrast to the color of the truck. For example, if you have a white truck, do not use white letters because at 50feet away you cannot read the lettering. You may be cited for non compliance. If you have a truck with a dark color, use light colored lettering that is easily readable and vice versa for light colored trucks. Las Vegas next day DOT number signs can be made with white lettering or dark lettering to match your needs. The lettering can also be printed on one sticker and then applied to your truck as well.

DOT numbers are easy to apply for the self installers

Las Vegas next day DOT numbers can be self installed to save money. There are many videos on the internet that will show how to install the letters. if you are not sure if you can install them yourself, a sign professional can install them for you. Normally, the truck lettering is placed on the fire extinguisher doors on the cab of the truck or on the front doors.