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Same Day DOT Stickers in Las Vegas

Same day DOT stickers in Las Vegas are available at sign shops like Posterhead Signs. The Department of Transportation requires certain vehicle lettering on trucks / cars that are used for transportation purposes.

Same Day Truck Department of Transportation Stickers.

The Department of Transportation requires that your DOT lettering be readable at 50 feet away. This equates to 2″ lettering that can be done in any color, so long as it is readable. You should not have black lettering on a black truck as it would be difficult to read and distinguish the lettering apart from the truck. Most people that need same day DOT stickers will use contrasting colors to make them readable. For example, if your truck is black, they will use white lettering. Also, the text of the lettering needs to be readable. So using some thin font or script font will not pass the mustard and you will most likely find yourself in trouble at a truck stop.

Most trucks will use lettering for their company name, MC#, DOT #, GVW number ( Gross Vehicle Weight ), etc. The lettering will be 2″ tall and maybe slightly larger for the company name so that you can easily distinguish it from the other lettering. The Department of Transportation lettering can be made with plotted vinyl ( individual letters ) or printed on a sticker and then applied to the truck. Normally on big rigs, the DOT lettering is placed on the front doors or on the fire extinguisher door. The normal lettering takes up about 15″ tall x 20″ wide.

Same Day DOT stickers can be self installed or installed by a sign professional. Many truckers prefer to do it themselves to save money as it is not hard to do. There are many You Tube videos for instructions on how to install DOT numbers.