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Truck Lettering Decal Signs in Vegas.

Truck lettering decal signs can be as simple as plotted vinyl letters on your truck to identify your business. In other cases, The Dept. Of Transportation require DOT numbers on your commercial truck that can be seen from 50 feet and are usually 2″ in height. They require your name, Motor Carrier number, Vin number, DOT number and weight of the truck. These numbers need to be in a legible font and readable from 50ft. Often, the numbers will be in a color contrasting the color of the truck. For example, if the truck is black, the numbers will be in yellow or white and vice versa.

Many businesses such as plumbers, electricians and other construction type businesses prefer to have their company name placed on their truck with their  construction license number and contact information so that they can easily be identified on job sites.  Truck lettering decal signs are perfect for this type of marketing since they are cheap and easy to install. The stickers or decals can be installed by the end user or professionally installed by the sign company. Many You Tube tutorials are available to show people how to install graphics on a vehicle. The key is to make sure you have the graphic decal lined us straight and not crooked.

Truck decal lettering signs can also be much more detailed and a lot larger. You can have pictures printed and die cut and then placed on your work truck or van as well as have your logo positioned as well. The lettering can run the length of the van or truck so that it can be seen from a long distance and many companies prefer this method of advertising as it seems to work well for them. Your local sign company can design and cut your lettering at very reasonable prices.