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Vegas Air Quality Dust Signs

Vegas Air Quality Dust signs are required by the Clark County Air Quality Management board for certain construction projects. The dust permit signs need to be in compliance with the rules and regulations set forth by the Air Quality Board and Posterhead Signs ( )makes these signs to be in compliance. Lettering and text need to be certain sizes, the sign needs to be made in a certain size ( 4ft x 4ft for construction projects under 10 acres and 4ft x 8ft for construction projects larger than 10 acres ).

Vegas Air Quality Dust Signs are made quickly and at a great price. The sign itself is usually printed on a vinyl sticker, laminated and then attached to a epanel or dibond panel which is a double sided aluminum panel with a filler panel to give it rigidity. Alternatively, some construction companies prefer a wood MDO 1/2 thick substrate that is a composite board with a smooth finish ( vinyl stickers will not apply to regular plywood ) The cost of 4ft x 4ft aluminum dust sign is $99.00 and a MDO dust sign is $125.00. The vinyl sticker that is used to print the dust sign is printed with eco solvent inks. These eco solvent inks are designed to last a long time without fading, which is important in Las Vegas because its easy to get to 110 degrees dusring the long summer months.

Dust signs are installed with 4″ x 4″ posts ( two posts for a 4ft x 4ft dust sign and 3 posts for a 4ft x 8ft dust sign. The winds get pretty bad in in the winter months in Southern Nevada and it is nothing for winds to reach 60-80 mph. If you have a chain link fence, many people will simply attach he dust sign to the chain link fence with wire.

If you are looking for a quality dust sign at a great price, call Posterhead Signs. They offer next day dust signs and in some cases you can get your dust sign made the same day.