Dust 4ft x 8ft Signs, Dust Permit Signs

Construction Dust Permit Signs in Las Vegas Nevada

Construction dust permit signs are required by Clark County Air Quality Management ,  https://www.clarkcountynv.gov/ , to help regulate the dust going into the air in Clark County . The Air Quality people require one of two signs, a 4ft x 4ft dust control sign for projects under 10 acres and a 4ft x 8ft dust control sign for construction projects over 10 acres. These signs need to be prominently displayed on the construction job site so the information on the sign is easy to obtain.

Construction dust permit signs are generally made out of two different types of materials, aluminum or wood. While the wood MDO dust permit sign is heavier and more sturdy, many construction companies prefer the light aluminum dust control sign.  Since it also seems to happen on job sites the signs get run over or hit by the heavy equipment ( or shot up with bored workers using them as target practice with their air nail guns ), the aluminum signs can be straightened out and rehung instead of having to be replaced. Once a MDO wood dust sign is hit by heavy equipment, they usually crack and break in pieces. In addition, the aluminum signs can be hung by one employee since they are lightweight and can be moved around the job site as needed versus the heavier wood dust permit sign. The cost of the aluminum 4ft x 4ft dust permit sign is under one hundred dollars ( $99) versus the 4ft x 4ft wood dust sign at $125.00.  The 4ft x 8ft aluminum dust sign is $175.00 versus the wood version at $225.00.

Construction dust permit signs can be purchased at local sign stores in the Clark County area and only take a few days to make. The sign store will need the information off of the Air Quality pdf about the project name, expiration date, acreage, etc.