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Las Vegas Car Magnet Printing

Las Vegas car magnet printing will get you custom printed car magnets at a great price. Car magnets are a great way to advertise your business. These car magnets are easy to apply to a car and can be taken off in seconds to make it a personal vehicle again.

Many small businesses use car magnet printing to print a couple of car magnetic advertising signs for their personal vehicle to turn it into a business vehicle. Realtors are famous for placing a couple of car door magnets on their  SUV’s, sports cars or mini vans and making them look like a professional vehicle when they meet clients. Afterwards, the realtor will take the magnets off and place them in the trunk and turn their vehicle back into a personal vehicle.

Car magnets do work well for advertising ! Many small businesses will receive telephone calls while they are driving because someone driving along side them or behind them saw their car magnet and are interested in their business services.

The most popular size  for a car magnet is the 12″ x 18″ size. The magnets can be made larger but the larger the magnet, the more tendency for the magnet to move around when jostled when driving. Also, the small the magnet, the less opportunity there is for it to be placed over a body line or molding that allows for a air gap between the magnet and the vehicle. At higher speeds, wind pressure will get between the magnet and the car and blow the magnetic car magnet off the vehicle.

Las Vegas car magnet printing can be done in full color and also have logos and pictures printed on them as well. The cost of (2) car magnets in full color of 12″ x 18″ size costs around $30.00 and can be designed and made in just a day or two.