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Low Cost Convention Popup Displays

Low cost convention popup displays are being used more frequently at Las Vegas events than ever before. Partly because they are easy to set up and can be set up by one person and also because they can be purchased wholesale in Las Vegas at various sign stores like www.Posterhead.com. Low Cost popup displays can be purchased in many different sizes from the 6ft table top model to the large 10ft wide model. Also, these popup displays come straight, curved and in the wavy design depending upon your convention graphic needs.

Low cost convention popup displays use a polyester fabric material placed over a frame ( aluminum tube or pop up ) which fits tightly over the frame to prevent wrinkles. This fabric polyester material ( usually around 9oz ) is washable and capable of having a full color print with logos and pictures printed directly onto the fabric. Businesses usually print their products / services / log and name on the print and then place the popup display at the rear of their booth so that it can identify their booth and what services / products they offer. The vendors then usually add a few vertical banner stands, a 6ft table and there plain display booth then becomes a full fledge vendor booth that can be set up in minutes.

Low cost convention popup displays can be used over and over again at various shows. The fabric is washable and if you need to change the graphic print, you can simply buy the fabric print instead of the whole display and save yourself a lot of money. These pop up displays have a turn around time of about 4-5 days and you need to order them in advance because they use a sublimation type printing process. Contact a local sign store in Las Vegas to see how these popup displays can help your business event.