Banner Stands

Conference Banner Stands For Customer Impact

Conference banner stands are an important display graphic that are being used at meeting conferences in Las Vegas . Many casinos have conference rooms such as the Wynn Hotel, Cosmopolitan Hotel, Flamingo Hotel, and Aria Casino on the Las Vegas strip. While not a full blown trade show or convention, conferences provide a smaller venue and a more intimate setting. These banner stands assist businesses in getting marketing messages across to your  clients.

Conference banner stands are inexpensive, easy to transport and self standing. Conference banner stands cost below $50 for the x stand banner stand that measures 24″ across and 63″ tall. These self standing banner stands or “Banner standees” as some refer to them, come with the stand, print and carrying case. These x stand banner stands come in different sizes. If retractable banner stands are needed,  there are many different sizes available to the customers from 24″ wide all the way to about 5 feet wide. These standee banner stands are self standing and easy to set up. All come with a carrying case which allows them to be easily transported from your room to the conference center. Best of all, these banner stands are reusable, which makes them a hassle free bargain for your event.

Conference banner stands are very easy to set up and can be set up within a minute or so. In addition, these stands can be disassembled, placed back into there carrying case for use at another time.

Conference banner stands are available at most sign companies in the Las Vegas area at very good prices. Las Vegas is host to many events and consequently, there are many sign companies that cater to the event and show industry. They can be found near the Las Vegas Strip for easy access. Just Google sign companies or banner stands for a sign shop near you.