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Cheap Sign Shop Banner Stands in Las Vegas

Cheap sign shop banner stands in Las Vegas are the way to go when you have a single event in Las Vegas and then the graphics are going to be discarded. After all, why pay all the money for a fancy pull up banner stand that will only be used one time ?

Las Vegas Nevada is a great spot to hold your convention and trade show. In fact, Las Vegas is the number one place in the world for trade shows and conventions. With all the fine hotels and convention venues in town, it makes logical sense to hold your shows here. In addition to the large convention venues, there is so much fun to be had in Las Vegas. During the moderate winter season we have skiing at Mt Charleston and during the summer, we have  boating and swimming at Lake Mead.  Of course, Vegas is known for their golf courses, gambling, fine restaurants and a host of other amenities that have the recipe for fun.

Cheap sign shop banner stands in Las Vegas come in many different sizes. The favorite size seems to be the 33″ wide banner stand that stands about 6.5ft. tall. However, there  are many different stands to choose from. Sites like have many stands to choose from. The prices start out less than $100.00 In addition , a lower cost x stand banner stand can be used instead of a retractable banner stand. The bad part is that the x stand banner stand takes up more set up room than a normal pull up banner stand which causes an issue if space is scarce.

Cheap sign shop banner stands in Las Vegas can be found at sign and banner shops that cater to the trade show, exhibit and convention industry. See how these low cost banner stands can help you.