Vegas Convention Pullup Banner Stands

Mandalay Bay Signs and Banners

Mandalay Bay signs and banners help make their conventions and events a huge success. Mandalay Bay Convention Center, 3959 S. Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas Nevada 89109, is one of the most popular venues to hold conventions, exhibits and trade shows. With over 2.1 million gross feet of meeting and convention space, it is one of the largest convention centers in the world. Mandalay Bay is constantly upgrading their facilities to make sure your trade show and convention has the best venue available.

What Types of Mandalay Bay Signs and Banners Are Used ?

Mandalay Bay signs and banners are needed at these events to make them a success. There are many types of signage that are used at these events such as electrical signs, neon signs, LED signs, printed signs ( including vinyl and banners) and retractable banner stands. Companies exhibiting at these events will spend thousands of dollars to get the right look for their booths and displays. Of course, many “Mom and Pop” businesses use simple banner stands and banners for their booths with great results.  Banner stands offer great portability and cost effectiveness at these shows. They only take a minute or so to set up and these display graphics can be used over and over again at different venues. They come with a convenient carrying case that allows them to be transported very easily. These banner stands come in many sizes and are usually priced at under $100.00

Backdrop banners, also known as step and repeat banners are a huge hit at the shows as well. This is where a company will print their name or logo ( or sometimes both) on a large banner and stagger it so that it can always be seen from whatever angle you are looking at it. This helps in making people remember your company name and sets you apart at the conventions.

Mandalay Bay signs and banners can be found at local  sign shops in the Las Vegas area.