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Clark County Foam Core Signs.

Clark County foam core signs are very popular signs for presentations and trade shows / conventions.  These professional looking signs are excellent visual displays to help reinforce your marketing message. Clark County foam core signs are made for interior use and not for outside usage. ( Coroplast substrate holds up much better for outdoor usage) The use of foam core boards outside will cause the foam core board to soften and bend. It must be kept dry or it will be damaged.

Clark County hosts the largest gaming mecca in the world, Las Vegas. Las Vegas casinos use a lot of foam core signs as well for indoor signage since they are professional looking and are very low cost. The Las Vegas trade show industry is the largest in the world and many foam core signs are made for trade shows and conventions. Consequently, many sign shops in the Las Vegas area make these foam core signs in large quantities. and at very cost effective prices.

Clark County foam core signs are usually made with a 3/16 foam core board or a 1/2 inch thick foam core board. The average price of a vinyl sign mounted on foam core board is about $4.00 a square foot ( a typical 2ft x 3ft foam core sign would cost about $24.00)  Another popular size of foam core board is the 1/2″ thick board and that usually sells for around $6.00 a square foot. These foam core signs are full color, meaning you can have as many colors, pictures, logos mounted on them as you want. Many times, photos are mounted on foam core boards as well. These photo foam core boards are laminated with a gloss laminate to really bring out the quality of the photo and also protects the foam core photo board from scuffs.

Get your Clark County foam core signs at your local sign shops or online.