Dust 4ft x 8ft Signs, Dust Permit Signs

Cheap Dust Control Signs

Cheap dust control signs allow for construction projects without killing the bank. In Clark County Nevada, dust control signs are mandatory for construction projects because living in the desert means there is a lot of dust.

Clark County Air Quality Management agency  regulates the air that we breathe in Clark County. Because of the amount of dust that naturally occurs in the desert, and the amount of dust that a construction project kicks up, the Clark County Air Quality Management forces construction companies to post a dust control sign and place it in a conspicuous spot. For further information about Clark County Air Quality Management, see  http://www.clarkcountynv.gov/airquality/compliance/Pages/Compliance_DustPermitting.aspx for more information regarding dust control signs and regulations.

Cheap dust control signs are usually 4ft x 4ft and any construction project 10 acres or more requires a 4ft x 8ft dust control sign. There are certain height requirements of the letters and other specific information on the dust control signs that are required by law. A violation of these rules and regulations can stop a construction project and force a fine if you are found in violation.

Cheap dust control signs are very inexpensive. A 4ft x 4ft dust control sign would cost less than $100 in Clark County and less than $200 for a 4ft x 8ft sign. These signs are mounted on wood or the newer style is a aluminum panel that resists rusting or wood rot. The text is printed with outdoor inks that will not fade in the harsh sunlight of Southern Nevada. The newer style of dust control signs is lightweight and easy to transport and install. Simply dig some secure posts in the ground and go right through the aluminum panel with a screw and washer in different areas to secure the sign to the posts.

Cheap dust control signs can be found at local sign shops in Clark County.