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Clark County Construction Banners.

Clark County construction banners are being used by Clark County construction companies at various construction projects throughout Clark County. to help identify companies. Many construction companies place banners on the fence perimeters to let people know that their construction company is working on the project. As silly as this seems, people take notice of construction banners and it helps brand their company.

Clark County construction banners are usually mesh banners. A mesh banner is a banner that is not a solid banner, but yet has holes in it so that air can pass through the banner instead of pushing up against it.  When construction companies place these banners on the fences surrounding the construction project, for long period of times, a mesh banner is needed to reduce stress on the banner. If it was a solid banner, the wind would constantly be pushing up against the banner causing stress to the grommets ( where the banner  attaches to the fence).

Clark County construction banners are not expensive and can be bought at discount prices in the Las Vegas area. Many sign shops run discounts like shown in this You Tube video, Otherwise, a full color vinyl banner usually goes for around $2.00 a square foot ( banner comes with grommets for easy hanging ). Mesh banners go for around $3.50 a square foot and again, come in full color with grommets. A full color banner is a banner that has as many colors on it as you like, including solid background colors. Mesh banners generally last longer than a solid background and are printed with eco solvent or latex inks so that the banner will last a long time in the different Las Vegas seasons.

Clark County construction banners are available at sign and print shops in the Las Vegas area at very reasonable prices and some of the shops offer same day printing for fast results.