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Spring Valley Nevada Mesh Banners

Spring Valley Nevada mesh banners are used for windy days and for times when the only opportunity to hang a banner is between to poles or trees with rope. While this type of hanging between two trees or poles is not the preferred method, sometimes that is all that is available.

What is a mesh banner ?

A mesh banner is a lightweight vinyl banner that has holes in it so that air can pas through these holes so that when the banner is hung, wind will not force the banner to be torn or ripped as in a conventional banner. The mesh banner is usually a 10 ounce banner material ( but the weight of the material can vary) and can be printed on with state of the art inks for long lasting use in the outdoors. While these Spring Valley Nevada mesh banners do not have the clarity of a full vinyl banner, they offer the ability to be used in ways that a conventional banner cannot be hung without being damaged. Mesh banners are the preferred banner to be used when you have windy or snowy days.

Spring Valley Nevada mesh banners are about $3.50 a square foot  and are printed in full color. They are usually reinforced at the edge through a process known as hemming and come with grommets strategically placed every 2 feet or so in order they can easily be hung. Many times construction companies will use mesh banners to line a construction site around the perimeter so that they get advertising exposure. They are attached to chain link fences with simple zip ties.

Spring Valley Nevada mesh banners can be purchased online or at local sign shops in the Las Vegas area at very affordable rates. Simply contact a local sign shop to assist you in obtaining your mesh banner.