Vegas Home Builder Signs

Las Vegas 4ft x 8ft Signs

Las Vegas 4ft x 8ft signs are great for getting your sign noticed.  Las Vegas 4ft x 8ft signs are just that, 4 feet x 8 feet and are big enough , yet cheap enough to get your marketing message across.

Many businesses in the Las Vegas and surrounding area use these signs in a multitude of ways. Some businesses use these signs as a store sign by placing them on the outside of their buildings to let people identify them. Since they are inexpensive, many times stores will place them on all four sides of their building ( if applicable) so that they get maximum exposure.

Las Vegas 4ft x 8ft signs are used by real estate professionals to market commercial properties and vacant land. Many times these large signs are placed vertically at commercial properties to let potential tenants know that they are available for lease or rent. On vacant property, the signs are used to let people know that the property is available along with all the information that is necessary to let interested parties know what the property is all about. For example, the information will contain acreage, zoning, restrictions, etc. etc.

Las Vegas 4ft x 8ft signs are printed on a durable outdoor vinyl with special inks designed to last in the weather conditions of Las Vegas. This vinyl is then applied to a aluminum substrate so that the Las Vegas 4ft x 8ft sign will last a very long time. They can be full color, meaning that you can have as many colors, logos, pictures you want on the sign.

Las Vegas 4ft x 8ft signs are not very expensive. Sign shops in the Las Vegas area will sell a 4ft x 8ft aluminum ( full color) sign for about $175. Contact a local Las Vegas signs shop to see how these large signs can help your business.



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