Realtor For Sale Signs For GLVAR Members

4ft x 4ft Signs

4ft x 4ft signs are being used by real estate brokers to display a property” for lease” or ” for sale”. These 4ft x 4ft real estate signs are big enough to contain all the information that is needed to convey about the property.

4ft x 4ft signs are not installed like the traditional 18″ x 24″ real estate signs. Wood posts are needed to be placed into the ground and reinforced with concrete to keep the signs displaying properly. This is because of the wind in the Las Vegas area gets strong at times and can easily blow over the 4ft x 4ft signs if they are not anchored appropriately.

4ft x 4ft signs are made by  placing a vinyl application on a double sided aluminum panel that has a filler in the middle that bonds the two aluminum sides together. In the old days, 4ft x 4ft signs were made out of MDO board but have been replaced with the cheaper and stronger e-panel type aluminum sign. These 4ft x 4ft signs can be full color and contain pictures, logos, text, etc. Large format printers are used to print on these signs with the latest inks that allow for outdoor use. These inks are guaranteed not to fade in the hot sunlight of the Las Vegas area. These 4ft x 4ft signs can last several years in the outdoors of Las Vegas. Of course, hopefully the property will sell or be leased and you will not need the sign displayed for that long. Best of all, you can re-use these signs if the information is generic enough.

To find 4ft x 4ft signs in the LAs Vegas area, simply do a Google or Yahoo search for 4ft x 4ft signs and the search results will lead you to the appropriate Las Vegas sign company near you.



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