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Las Vegas 3ft x 5ft Vinyl Banners

Las Vegas 3ft x 5ft vinyl banners are an inexpensive way to advertise your stores goods and services on a vinyl banner. Vinyl banners  are increasing in popularity as a way to advertise to potential clients in these hard economic times. Many times, businesses are placing these banners near the entrance way to their buildings so that they can advertise their products to people that are driving by on the street. Lucky businesses that are located near the freeways are using much large banners to do that exact same thing to people driving by on the freeways and are getting exposure to thousands of people passing by.

Las Vegas 3ft x 5ft vinyl banners are printed on  13 ounce vinyl banner material with eco solvent or latex inks that allow the banner to be hung both indoors and outdoors. These inks are guaranteed not to fade in the harsh Las Vegas heat during the summer months. The banners come with grommets so they are easy to hang.

Las Vegas 3ft x 5ft vinyl banners are also great for organized sports such as Pop Warner Football, Little League, Soccer Leagues, etc. Coaches and parents are finding that it is sometimes difficult to track who is playing who because the sports complexes don’t allow for advertisement of what teams are playing other than the traditional ” Home Team” and “Away Team” on the scoreboards.  These Las Vegas 3ft x 5ft Vinyl Banners allow sports teams to place their names, logos and players names on the banners as well as the team sponsors name and logo. Teams simply hang the banners on the surrounding chain link fences with zip ties and take them down afterwards making the set up and take down process very easy.

Finding 3ft x 5ft vinyl banners is easy, simply contact a local sign shop in the Las Vegas area.


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