Sidewalk Signs

Fast Sidewalk Signs In Las Vegas.

Las Vegas has many businesses and smart businesses are using fast sidewalk signs to increase there exposure to the public.  This exposure will result in more sales and higher profitability.  Fast sidewalk signs is a preferred method of getting exposure because of the cost and easy ability to set up the sign and take down the  sidewalk sign.

Sidewalk signs are exactly what they sound like, a sign placed on or near the sidewalk.  These fast sidewalk signs are very cheap and easy to set up.  Companies like Signcade or Plasticade make pre fabricated plastic sidewalk signs that allow a consumer to merely place a insert into the sidewalk sign to advertise.  Usually these inserts or vinyl applications applied to a 4mm coroplast.  The coroplast signs then slide into place on the pre fabricated plastic sidewalk signs and they are self retained.

The fast sidewalk signs have holes with plugs on the sides that allow for the consumer to place water or sand in them to make them heavier if it is a windy day.  By inserting a little water or sand in them, they give the “A” frame sign more stability in the wind or rain.  The sand or water can be removed at any time to make the  fast sidewalk signs lighter so they are easier to maneuver.

Fast sidewalk signs allow for the marketing content to be changed out frequently so that new products and services can be advertised.  By saving the old signs with minimal care, you could rotate the signs on a regular basis or seasonal basis and save money in producing new signs.

Fast sidewalk signs are easy to put up and to take done and can be done by most employees with minimal effort. They are well worth the expense to advertise with and will bring positive results.


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