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Vertical Banners Add Height To Your Banner.

Vertical banners are vinyl banners that are taller in height than they are in width.  Traditionally, vinyl banners are usually longer in the width than they are tall, but with vertical banners, the opposite is true.

People prefer vertical banners for a variety of reasons.  Sometimes, a person could be on the banner and they need to be seen in full figure relative to the other objects on the banner in order to emphasize height. Other times vertical banners are chosen over traditional horizontal vinyl  banners because it simply fits in the room allowed.

Sports banners at emphasize championships that hang in sports arenas are usually vertical banners.  Another example is street banners that hang from utility poles for a special event are also usually vertical banners as well.

Vertical banners and horizontal banners are made from the same material.  The material of choice is a 13ounce vinyl banner material that is printed on with the use of large format printers. These large format printers print with eco solvent ink and latex inks that are environmentally and ecologically friendly. In recent times before the advent of large format printers, sign makers use to plot vinyl letters for a banner and then apply the plotted vinyl onto the vinyl banner material one piece at a time. It was a very difficult and tedious work to add each layer of vinyl to get many colors on a vinyl banner.  The cost was much more with plotted vinyl than with the use of large format printers.  Large printers can print a 3ft a x8ft vinyl banner in under 20 minutes.

The designing of a vertical banner is no different than with a horizontal banner. You simply use the design software such as Adobe Illustrated or Photo Shop and design the banner to the dimensions you want. No special needs are necessary in designing a vertical banner.


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