Las Vegas Summerlin Vinyl Banners

Cheap Political Banners In Las Vegas.

In the election season of Las Vegas, several candidates are going for cheap political banners rather than the traditional screen printing signs made on coroplast.  While the screen printing coroplast signs are cheap, political candidates are getting more bang for the buck with cheap political banners.

Screen printing political signs has long been the norm in Las Vegas. Political candidates are talking about paying $24.00 for a 3ft x 6ft screen printed sign on coroplast.  The coroplast signs are then mounted on fences and posts around the city with zip ties.  However, with the winds in Las Vegas, the coroplast signs have a tendency to rip out the grommets that hold them down. The coroplast signs are made with 4mm material.  After the wind forces too much stress on the grommet and tears, the coroplast sign acts like a big kite and flies away.  This makes the political candidates angry to see the waste and makes the neighborhood look trashy with ripped up signs.

Cheap political banners are becoming more popular with candidates running for office in Las Vegas.  The banners fair much better in the higher winds as  vinyl banner material is used instead of coroplast. Also, with a few simple wind slits, the wind can go through the banner  without causing stress on the banners grommets.  This process of directing the wind helps make the vinyl banners last much longer than coroplast political signs.

Cost of a 3ft x 6ft banner is $36.00 with quantity discounts when ordered in large numbers. While the initial cost may be a little higher, certainly the life expectancy makes up for it.  Also, large format printers are printing the banners and this allows for picture like images of the political candidate on the vinyl banners.

The political banners make much more sense than coroplast signs for quality and long life. Cheap political banners are the new signage in Las Vegas

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