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Las Vegas USDOT Stickers and Lettering

Las Vegas USDOT stickers and lettering are required by certain government agencies for the commercial trucking industry. Commercial truckers are then required to be compliant with the Department of Transportation or be subject to fines and being shut down. Las Vegas USDOT stickers and lettering are required to be certain sizes and be in a readable font. This basically equates to a 2″ letter.

Las Vegas USDOT stickers and lettering are made by local sign stores in the Las Vegas Valley at very reasonable rates. The USDOT numbers are plotted out on a vinyl color of your choice ( preferably black- but if your truck is painted black, obviously you will not be able to read the numbers on black on black)  but you want to pick a color of vinyl that is opposite of your truck. For example, if you have a dark truck, you might consider having your numbers in white so that they can easily be seen. If you have a white or yellow truck, perhaps black or red would be easy numbers to see. Remember, its the Transportation Official who will be Judging you ! I have hear horror stories of truckers being harassed for the simplest of things, why rock the boat on DOT numbers ?The old saying is ” To Get Along- Go Along”

Las Vegas USDOT Stickers and lettering numbers usually have ICC and Motor Carrier numbers as well. In most cases, the trucker simply adds his name to the first line of numbers and then 3 lines of additional numbers and maybe a telephone or website if he is trying to solicit business. These numbers required by the Dept. of Transportation can be found and purchased at sign shops at low prices and the work can be done quickly, often the same day. Your numbers can be placed on your truck for you or you can place the numbers yourself.