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Las Vegas Standard Banner Stands

Las Vegas standard banner stands are the economy banner stands that people and businesses are using at trade shows and conventions and then simply discarding them at the end of a show. These low cost, yet quality retractable banner stands are perfect for single purpose use. However, these standard banner stands are designed to last a long time and can be saved and used at many different events.

Standard banner stands come in many sizes and heights. The most popular standard retractable banner stand is the 33 inch wide by 78 inch tall model that sells complete with print and carrying bag for under one hundred dollars. Standard banner stands come with a full color print that can include company logos , pictures of products as well as people.  These inexpensive standard retractable banner stands are great for the events and shows in Las Vegas because of the quality and price. Many times the vendors who come to Las Vegas for the events and shows are only using a banner stand for the one show because it is specific to that event and cannot be used again ( has dates or special pricing on the banner).

Standard banner stands do not take a long time to make and often can be made the same day. In Las Vegas, often banner stands and other types of sign graphics will get damaged and need quick replacing. If this is the case, Las Vegas is a great place to have damaged graphics because their are many sign shops that offer replacement of graphics in a hurry. A large contingent of sign stores service the enormous trade show and convention industry and have the machines and manpower to push through a banner stand during production. Contact local sign stores in Vegas if you should find yourself in need of a banner stand.