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Las Vegas Spinner Signs

Vegas Custom Sidewalk Spinner Signs To Get Noticed !

Vegas custom sidewalk spinner signs will get your business or store noticed. Sign spinning is a unique way to advertise and more stores are using this unconventional method of advertising to get people to notice their store and make customers. The concept is simple, place a person on the sidewalk in front of your store with a custom sidewalk spinner signs and get the attention of people driving by.

Custom sidewalk spinner signs are usually about 2 feet high and four or 5 feet long. These custom sidewalk spinner signs can be any color and most businesses want eye catching colors on the signs to help them get noticed. The key to really making an impression is to have the sign spinner make eye contact and wave at people. The sign will usually have a store special on the sign or the store name with the arrow of course pointing in the direction of the store. For example, a cellular store may have a cell phone special and a picture of a cell phone on the spinner sign ( no store name is necessary because everybody knows you are a cell phone store). Oil change mechanic shops use arrow signs to attract customers when they are not busy. The mechanic will simply stand in front of the store and spin the arrow sign to attract new customers. After all, its to the benefit of a mechanic to keep busy if he gets a percentage of the job. Fast food local restaurants will use spinner signs and have the employee stand out in front to draw attention and get more business.

Vegas custom sidewalk spinner signs are not expensive and are a cheap way to advertise your business. If an employee is standing around, why not put a spinner sign in their hands and get more customers.





Las Vegas Spinner Signs

Sign Spinner Signs in Las Vegas

Sign spinner signs get your business noticed ! Sign spinner signs are those medium sized signs with arrows on them that kids hold at street corners and flip and twirl around in order to advertise a business or sale while you are waiting for the traffic light to change. These entertaining kids dancing and twirling can be seen all over the city because of the results these sign spinner signs bring.

Sign spinner signs are a very simple sign. The usual size of the spinner sign is a 2ft tall x 4ft wide or a 2ft x 5ft wide size. The theory being is if you keep the sign light, many different people can spin it or hold it. If you make the sign too big or too heavy, maybe not everybody can handle it. The 2ftx 4ft or 2ft x 5ft seems to be the ideal size for both genders. That’s big enough to be seen and not too big where people can not hold it up in normal weather.

Sign spinner signs are simple signs because it is must too difficult to read a lot of information on a sign that maybe thirty feet away from you and moving. Businesses are having success by either placing a “sale” item on the sign or a promotional item and a price and then the arrow points them in the direction of where your store is.   A good example of this is a cellular phone business advertising a ” iphone” or ” Galaxy phone” with a price and a arrow pointing to your cell store. A pizza store will also advertise a large pizza $7.50 with a arrow pointing to your pizza restaurant.

Sign spinner signs can be designed and made at local sign stores in Las Vegas at very good prices. Sign spinner signs is a very cost effective form of getting additional business.




Las Vegas Spinner Signs

Sidewalk Plastic Spinner Signs For Advertising

Sidewalk plastic spinner signs for advertising is a unique approach to get you business noticed. It is basically a kid spinning a 2ft x 4ft or 2ft x 5ft plastic sign on a sidewalk to entertain the passing vehicles that promotes your business. This advertising method is also called sign flipping and it is very entertaining for people who are trapped at a traffic light to watch. Sidewalk plastic spinner signs are a very cost effective approach to get people to take notice of your business.

Sidewalk plastic spinner signs are cheap. They basically cost anywhere from $50 to $80 for a double sided sign. On the sign you could have your products or just company name with an arrow pointing to your store. It just depends what you would like to advertise.

A local auto oil change store uses spinner signs to get the attention of passing motorists. When these mechanics are not working ( they are on commission- not salary ) they use the sign to attract business by simply standing out on the sidewalk and holding the sign stating that a oil change can be performed quickly at a certain price. When the cars start driving in, the mechanics simply go back to working on the cars. The employees are happy to do it as they make no money if they do not work. Another fast food taco place has their employees offer 99 cent tacos on a spinner sign when they are slow. The 99 cent tacos really bring in the customers and gives the employees a break form cooking or taking orders.

Sidewalk plastic spinner signs is a easy way to improve your business at a low cost. These spinner signs will create more awareness of your business and drive traffic to your store.  These signs are also great for concert or event parking to help direct people to the right place to park.


Las Vegas Spinner Signs

Sidewalk Arrow Spinner Signs For Advertising

Sidewalk arrow spinner signs is a great way to grab the attention of passing motorists. Sidewalk arrow spinner signs being flipped in the air is very entertaining and a enjoyable way to spend a minute or so while you are waiting at a traffic light. This form of entertainment is also a very effective way to advertise your store.

Sidewalk arrow spinner signs will have the name of your company on them or a special offer printed on them. The spinner guy who flips your sign in the air and twirls it, gets people to notice him and notice what you are advertising on the sign. It helps direct the people as to where your store is also. For example, a cellular store may advertise a 4G phone on sale or a cell service on the spinner  and direct people passing by into a mini mall where there is only one cellular phone store. In cases like this, why do you need to have your company name on the sidewalk arrow spinner signs when you can make your product offer as big as possible ?

Sidewalk arrow spinner signs work ! These attention getting signs are getting noticed all over the Vegas valley and businesses that use these signs are reporting additional sales. Instead of hiring professional sign spinners at $10 to $15.00 per hour, many businesses are taking advantage of slow work times and have their employees stand with the sign on the sidewalk. After all, your paying them to stand around some place ! One fast taco shop is having tremendous success  by offering a taco special on the sign and attracting hungry customers. Another food place , a pizza place,  is advertising a pizza on their spinner arrow signs  ( when business is slow )and driving hungry customers to purchase their pizza special with great success !



Spinner Signs

Promotional Arrow Sign For Advertising

Promotional arrow sign for advertising your business has really caught on in Las Vegas. These simple arrow signs are increasing business for those businesses and stores willing to invest a little money in themselves. People really take notice of a sign flipper while waiting for a red light. Las Vegans like watching the sign arrow flippers and take notice of their signs. Businesses that have employed this type of advertising praise how well it works. It just does not work for a temporary boost in sales, it works long term because people also remember the message on the sign.

Promotional arrow sign is being used by many different types of stores. I have notice a auto repair business nearby that has their employees hold the signs out front of their store to let people no there is no waiting for a oil change. The mechanic is happy because he is on a bonus pay system and he wants to keep his mechanic bay full of cars. ( He realizes he cannot get paid while standing around waiting for work and wants to create opportunities for himself to get more work ) I have also witness pizza restaurants when it is slow to have someone waving and flipping a promotional arrow sign on the sidewalk to attract customers to buy a pizza. Many times these arrow signs will promote a pizza special to drive instantaneous business.

Promotional arrow signs for advertising are not expensive. At well less than $100 for a double sided sign and around $50 – $60 for a single sided sign. The customer then customizes the sign with a handle or knob which he feels more comfortable with.

Promotional arrow signs can be found at sign stores in the Las Vegas area. They can definitely create more business for you and get your business recognized.




Las Vegas Spinner Signs

Arrow Spinner Signs

Arrow spinner signs are increasing in popularity in Las Vegas. Arrow spinner signs are getting the attention of people as they drive on the city streets because the spinner guys who flip the signs are very entertaining. Professional sign spinners make anywhere between $10 to $15 an hour and can flip, spin, toss those directional signs with amazing speed and finesse. (They actually have sign spinning competitions to see who is the best) However, many sign twirlers are just regular employees who take advantage of slow times and try to create work. I have noticed a oil change mechanic shop who does this very well. When their is no work, the mechanic will hold there directional sign to create business. Creating business instead of paying an employee to stand around is cost effective and many businesses are joining in on this trend.

Arrow spinner signs work ! Business studies have shown that sign twirlers advertising a business will get noticed and get your business noticed. They may not instantly use your business, but the arrow direction sign leaves a lasting impression on a bored driver and they will use your business when they need your services. Arrow spinner signs are not expensive. They are generally under ninety dollars for a variety of sizes and can be made with lightweight plastic so they are not burdensome on an employee. Many arrow spinner signs are customized after leaving a sign store with handles on one side or adding a stick to one side to keep the arrow straight and easier to hold.

Arrow spinner signs are unique and can be custom made for your particular business. All arrow signs do not necessarily have to have a pointing end, they can be rectangular and contain as much text or pictures as you like. However, you need to remember, people driving by only have a certain amount of time to read your text so it needs to be large so it can be seen from a distance.