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Realtor Signs

Signs For Realtors in Las Vegas

Signs for realtors in Las Vegas are required if you want a successful career in real estate. Studies suggest that a simple real estate sign placed in front of a property for sale is well worth the investment of the sign. At around 10% response rate, ( 10% of the time the sign will drive a sell) and market branding of your name and/or brokerage, a simple $30 real estate sign is well worth the investment. More information of a signs benefit can be found in this article: https://activerain.com/blogsview/5243878/best-tips-on-using-real-estate-signs-to-your-benefit .

The real estate market is booming in Las Vegas right now ( July 2018 ). It is being driven by the Californians who want to escape the high taxes of our neighboring state and associated problems. Many listings are selling for more then the asking price of the house because many people are bidding on the same house and having the house appraised for funding is becoming an issue. Realtors are meeting the challenges and houses are being bought and sold quickly. Many agents of the Great Las Vegas realtors Association like to have a sign placed on the property as quickly as possible, because not only are they getting a commission for listing the property for sale, they no historically that a sign alone will lead to another 10% action on the house. if their name is on the sign, there is a strong possibility that potential clients will call them and they will also possibly get the buying commission as well. A 6% commission on a $300,000 home is $18,000 !!! With the average price of a realtor sign around $30.00, you can see how it is a very cost effective way of doing business. In addition, a sign brings people’s awareness to your name and the name of your brokerage for future business.

Signs for realtors can be found and produced at sign companies locally.




Realtor Signs

Custom Real Estate Sign Printing in Las Vegas

Custom real estate sign printing can get you that special real estate sign you want for your listing. While many real estate companies in Las Vegas offer generic real estate sign blanks where the agent just has to put in their name and contact information, many agents want something beyond that. What they do not realize is that they an have that custom printed sign for the same price as a generic sign ! Companies like Posterhead Signs ( info can be found at http://www.apsense.com/user/posterhead ) offer custom real estate sign printing at an affordable price.

Custom real estate sign printing is not expensive. These 18″ x 24″ .040 aluminum signs ( standard of the industry) cost around $30.00 each. Some sign companies are Member Benefit Partners with the GLVAR and offer special pricing to there members. These real estate signs are printed on a vinyl substrate and then attached to the aluminum and then laminated so as to make sure the sign lasts a long time in the heat of the Las Vegas summers. These custom printed signs can be a variety of colors and include your pictures or logos printed on the signs at no additional costs. While some female agents prefer to have their pictures on the signs as a mean of marketing, some attractive agents do not as it cause unwarranted attention to them.

Custom real estate sign printing is not limited to standard signs, many agents prefer different sizes like the 2ft x 2ft or a 24″ x 30″. In addition, custom sign printing also extends to the bigger signs, the 4ft x 4ft and 4ft x 8ft aluminum or wood signs that are found in front of vacant land or commercial buildings to help sell or lease a property.

Custom real estate sign printing can be found at sign stores all around the Las Vegas area or through the GLVAR.


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Vegas 4ft x 4ft Realtor MDO Wood Signs

Vegas 4ft x 4ft realtor MDO wood signs are being used by local realtors of the Greater Las Vegas  Association of Realtors ( GLVAR ) for signage needs for vacant land and commercial properties. These large signs get the attention of the thousands of people that drive by a property every month.

Vegas 4ft x 4ft realtor MDO wood signs are large signs that can contain a lot of information such as:

1. Name of Broker

2. Agents Name and Contact Information

3. Lot Size

4. For Sale or For Lease

5. Utility Information

6. Zoning Information

7. Other pertinent Information that helps a Buyer or Lessee

These signs can be any color and also have printed pictures and logos on them as well. The signs are printed on a vinyl that is then applied to the MDO board ( a plywood with a resin layer ) and then laminated so that it can withstand the summer heat of Las Vegas. The signs are then usually hung on two 4″ x 4″ posts that are placed into the ground for support and simply attached to these posts. Often, the installer will use 3 posts so that he can make a “V” shape so that oncoming car traffic in both directions can see the sign and take notice. These signs typically have a life of around 2 to 3 years before the ink starts to fade and Mother Nature starts wearing down the plywood. The MDO board itself is usually 1/2″ thick, strong enough to withstand the elements of nature and the winds of Southern Nevada.

Vegas 4ft x 4ft realtor MDO wood signs are not expensive and cost generally less than $150.00 to make and can be made in just a few days. These real estate signs are available at local sign companies, just do a quick online internet search and you will find a shop near you to assist you.


Realtor Signs

Realtor For Sale Signs In Las Vegas

Realtor for sale signs are available in Las Vegas for all the realtors selling real estate. The Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors (GLVAR) 1750 E. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas Nevada, 89104 is the association that realtors belong to in Las Vegas. The GLVAR sells many real estate accessories for the realtors to make their jobs easier.

Realtor for sale signs ( custom ones) are made by sign shops in the Las Vegas area. They are usually 18″ tall by 24″ wide and are double sided on made with aluminum ( .040). However, there are variations of this type of sign and many agents are making them with coroplast, styrene and other cheaper substrates in order to save cost. They are considered one and done type signs because usually the inferior substrate signs last only one listing before the elements of the Las Vegas weather destroy them. Traditionally, the aluminum is the preferred substrate as it allows for multiple uses and will not rust in wet weather or warp in the hot summer sun of Las Vegas.

The GLVAR has partnerships with many sign companies in the Las Vegas area. This partnership, also known as ” Member Benefit Partner” allows for sign shops in the area to work with GLVAR realtors and save money. Posterhead Signs is one such company that is a “Member Benefit Partner”. The GLVAR offers other businesses associated with realty like Red Rock Sign Post, www.RedRockSignPost.com  partnerships that benefit local businesses and the realtors of the Las Vegas area. Red Rock is one of the growing Las Vegas offering multiple services at great prices to GLVAR member and the business community. www.RedRockPest.com is another one of the growing companies of the Red Rock chain offering pest control for businesses and homes in the Las Vegas area.

Contact a local sign company in Las Vegas to get your ” For   Sale” signs.