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Dust Control Signs

Clark County Dust Permit Signs in 24 Hours

Clark County dust permit signs in 24 hours can get you out of that jam when you need a dust control sign for Henderson, Mesquite, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and other areas of Clark County. The Clark County Air Quality Management Board ( http://www.clarkcountynv.gov/airquality/Pages/default.aspx ) regulates the air and requires dust control signs on jobsites where dirt is going to be moved around. The purpose of this is to try to limit the amount of dust into the air. The Clark County Dust people take it very seriously and monitor your jobsite and require lots of things, including an educational class. Part of the requirements include ( but not limited to) a dust control sign to be posted on the jobsite.

A 4ft x 4ft dust control permit sign is required for properties 10 acres or less and a 4ft x 8ft dust permit sign is required for properties exceeding 10 acres. The dust signs require certain language, text size and information on the sign to be in compliance. Most sign shops use an aluminum sign or a wood sign to make the dust permit sign. The newer style aluminum signs double sided with a filler material in the middle that makes it rigid. It is lighter than a wood sign and does not weather like a wood sign. Also, it happens frequently at jobsites that the dust sign will get run over by a piece of machinery. While the wood sign will crack and require replacement, the aluminum sign is merely straightened out and then placed back on the supporting structure.

Clark County dust permit signs in 24 hours are not expensive. The 4ft x 4ft aluminum dust sign is $99.00 and the 4ft x 8ft dust sign is $175.00. These signs can be found at www.Posterhead.com and can be made quickly. Your pdf from Air Quality needs to be sent with the information needed on the sign and then it is put into a template and returned to you for approval.