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Commercial For Sale Signs in Las Vegas

Commercial for sale signs in Las Vegas are for the buildings and commercial properties for sale in Las Vegas. These signs are much larger than the residential real estate for sale signs you see in people’s front yards. These large signs can be see in front of vacant land and buildings for sale throughout the Las Vegas area. You can buy these signs at sign shops in Las Vegas like ¬†www.Posterhead.com

Commercial For Sale Signs in Las Vegas are different sizes and shapes. Many realtors like to use the largest possible sign to get their property noticed. While vacant land for sale signs vary, most commercial properties in Las Vegas use the 4ft x 8ft sign or a 4ft x 4ft sign to display the property for sale. While the traditional commercial for sale sign was made with MDO board, sign companies now use the double sided aluminum panel with a filler material ( the filler material gives the aluminum sign rigidity) that can last outdoors without weathering and splintering like the old wood substrates. These aluminum signs are then screwed into wood posts to hold up the sign ( the same as the old wood sign). The posts are placed deep enough into the dirt so that they are not blown down in the high winds that Las Vegas experiences from time to time.

Commercial For Sale signs in Las Vegas are not expensive. A 4 foot x 4 foot full color for sale sign ( including logos and pictures) costs $99 and a larger 4ft x 8ft for sale sign costs $175.00. These signs are made with aluminum and are long lasting. Many sign shops place a laminate on the sign as well to protect the inks from harmful UV rays that will make the sign fade over time. Contact a local sign company and get these made for your properties today.