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Quality Foam Board Sign Printing in Vegas

Quality foam board sign printing will ensure that your presentation graphics will look great and will impress your clients.  You start off making a quality foam board sign with a state of the art 8 color printer that can mix and match colors to bring your design to life. While the older large format printers use a 4 color system ( black, blue, yellow and red ) the newer large format printers offer additional colors that bring out the vividness and contrast of your design.

Quality foam board sign printing is usually on a vinyl material and then applied to a 3/16ths or 1/2″ foam core board sign.  The sign print is then covered with a matte or gloss laminate to preserve the print and make it very professional looking. The matte lamination allows for a non glare surface and somewhat dulls the picture ( preferred by photographers and such ) and the gloss laminate brings out a shine to the print and makes it bright and vivid. The foam board is made out a lightweight foam with a layer of resin material on the outside and foam in the middle. The foam board signs are generally used for short term presentations and will warp in different weather conditions and rain. These types of signs are extremely popular at the various trade shows and conventions in Las Vegas and most companies will simply order them from a local sign company and pick them up rather than risk damage during transportation. ( the sign is made of foam and considered fragile )

Quality foam board sign printing is available at modern, state of the art sign stores that have the best equipment. These sign stores are generally located near the convention centers as they cater to the convention and trade show industry. Contact one of them about more information on how foam core board signs can help you.