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Low Cost Pull Up Banners

Low cost pull up banners are being used at the conventions and shows in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Convention Center, Sands Expo and Mandalay Bay Casino are all full of pull up banners at their shows. These low cost pull up banners are cheap and easy to set up. This makes for an inexpensive display graphic that can simply be tossed at the end of a show. ( Most graphics at trade shows and conventions have dates on them or the shows name and cannot be reused)

Low cost pull up banners do not take up a lot of room since they pull straight up out of a stand. They can be placed independently against a wall and take up very little room. http://posterhead.com/bannerstands/ is a good example of how these pull up banners look after they are ready for display. Sometimes, if the graphic is really large, they will cut up the graphic to fit the banner stands and then place the banner stands next to each other so that it looks like one complete graphic. This is known as a banner wall.

Low cost pull up banners come in a lot of different sizes to fit your marketing display needs. The pull up banner stands come in different widths and in different heights. These banner prints are on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material and printed with environmentally friendly inks that last a long time and are bright in color. Many of the sign shops that print for conventions and trade shows offer delivery service to the different venues as well as having the ability of helping you set up your pull up banner stands. Just inquire with the sign shop that you chose to see how they can help you with your convention needs. Sign shops in Las Vegas want to help you have a great convention or trade show.




Banner Stands in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Pull Up Banner Stand For Trade Shows

Las Vegas pull up banner stands are a “big hit” with the trade show and convention crowd. These pull up banners can be seen by the hundreds at the big convention venues like Las Vegas Convention Center or Sands Expo. it seems that almost everyone displaying at convention booths use these pull up banner stands ( also known as retractable banner stands) They can be found at http://posterhead.com/bannerstands/ and other sign shop sites in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas pull up banner stand takes up very little room, which makes it very popular for people displaying at the convention booths since space is limited in these booths. These are retractable banner stands with prints that roll up into the compact banner stand and can be carried away with the carrying case they come in. The most common size of pull up banner stand is the 33″ x 78″ roll up stand that sells for less than $100.00. These pull up banner stands come in many sizes to fit the needs of the vendors display at the shows. The banner stands can be used over and over again at different events.

Many sign shops in the Las Vegas area make these signs and compete for your business. Many sign shops are needed for the hundreds of trade shows and conventions that come into Las Vegas every year which draws millions of visitors. Las Vegas is the number 1 destination in the world for these type of shows and a large sign industry has developed making for very stiff competition for the convention sign business. Several of these sign shops are located near or adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Corridor and have easy access to.  Vegas sign shops will also deliver to your location at the convention or trade show site as well for a small fee.